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10 Things To Consider Before a Flagpole Installation


flagpole installationflagpole installationHouse of Flags has installed thousands of flagpoles, our inhouse team has managed both ground and angled flagpoles installations throughout the UK. When planning for a new flagpole here are 10 points for you to consider. 

1) The height of the flagpole, normally between 6-12 metres high. When deciding on the height of the pole, you should consider the builds around it and the proximity to roads and passers-by. 

2) The type of halyard system, external, internal or banner arm. Depending on the location of the pole, you may wish to choose an internal halyard system making it more secure.

3) Is there parking for a long wheel base 6m long van? When it comes to the flagpole installation, our need to be able to park close by in order to complete the installation work. 

3) The ground the flagpole will be installed into, soil, grass, concreate, tarmac, paving slabs or block paving. This will have a large impact on the type of installation that is required, the harder the ground more difficult the installation will be. (Ground flagpoles only)

4) What will the flagpole be made of, wood, aluminium or GRP. Depending on the location and the duration you would like the flagpole to be up for will help decide what material is best. 

5) Who will be your on-site contact during the installation? It important that we have a contact on site of the day of the installation so that access can be gained.flagpole installation

6) Does the highway have any parking restrictions such as double yellow lines or would it block traffic? Areas of high traffic often require permits and more considered planning. 

7) Is there an old flagpole being removed? Many jobs we complete are often to replace old flagpoles, understanding what pole is there already is important. This is so that we can successfully remove the old flagpole as sometimes complications can arise. 

8) Does the installation require a cherry picker? Angled flagpole installation often requires a cherry picker to gain access to the part of the building the flagpole is to be installed on. 

9) If a cherry picker was parked would it block traffic? Many busy streets in London don't have the space for a cherry picker to be parked during the day. 

10) Branding and finishing, we often supply bespoke colour poles to ensure they are in keeping with our customers branding. We also supply a number of finial options to ensure a perfect flagpole. 

If you are considering a new flagpole installation our expert team can guide you through the process. Contact us

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