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Advantages of a One Piece Forecourt Flagpole

curved forecourt flagpole


For automotive dealerships, the presentation of their forecourts is important as it is their main source of advertisement. Forecourts are normally positioned in places of high traffic in order to take advantage of being able to present their brand to passers-by. Which at the time passers-by consider buying a new car, hopefully the dealership will come to mind. So, it is important a good impression is left as traffic drives past.

Most sellers of forecourt flagpoles sells a two piece flagpole,  this type of pole however leaves marks on flags where two piece poles join. Poles can also look dirty and rusty as the join between the two poles ages and degrades. 

This causes the displays of automotive retailers to look dirty and doesnt portray the desired brand message to passers-by. To combat this we have created a one piece forecourt flagpole.

We are the only company to sell one piece forecourt flagpoles with a pre curved arm, most companies only supply two piece straight arm forecourt flagpoles. One-piece flagpoles are more durable and a better option for companies looking for a feather flag shape.

Our one-piece curved forecourt flagpoles have been specially developed for use outside on automotive forecourts, with car base plates and to be weatherproof, making it ideal for external usage. Dealerships will also not get marks on their flags or have their poles degrade over time. 

A one-piece option also ensures the flagpole is more robust as it is made from one piece of solid aluminium. This removes the strain put on any joints compared to multiple piece flagpoles. 

We offer our forecourt flagpoles in a range of heights, helping our customers create a display that suits their forecourt. To finish off your display we are able to supply flags branded with yours or a manufacturers branding.

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