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Cafe Banners

Boost your brand with our high quality banners

Our cafe banners are easy to assemble and portable. They are an ideal way of partitioning spaces and get your brand noticed, allowing you to promote your promotional messages. Our cafe banners can be used almost anywhere and are weatherproof and durable, making sure they last a long time. You are able to choose from our black of chrome cafe banner systems.

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Our cafe banners are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes. They make ideal partitions in external spaces, or can be used at events and in retail spaces. All of our cafe banners are produced to the highest quality, making sure that your cafe banner looks great and can withstand the outdoor environment. Both of our cafe banner ranges have weighted bases, making sure they stay in place and don't fall over.

Our two cafe banner ranges are:

Black Cafe Banners:

Our black cafe banners are made from durable aluminium which is painted black. There is a choice of one sized banner that fits to the frame which is interchangeable. This is our most cost effective cafe banner system.

Chrome Cafe Banners:

Our chrome cafe banners are a more stylish and higher quality cafe banner system. There are a range of interchangeable banner sizes that fit this cafe banner system, giving you more freedom with your promotional display. The stands are made from aluminium which is finished with a chrome effect.

Our cafe banners are easy to assemble and dismantle, making them easier to move and store, as they do not take up as much space. Both ranges feature interchangeable banners, making it easier for you to update and change your promotional messages, you can also choose between having single and double sided banners.

Product Materials

The materials used for this product

440gsm Standard PVC
Our standard PVC is a durable material, which can be used for medium term displays. It also boosts weather resistant properties adding to its longevity. It is one of our lightweight PVC materials which are easier to transport and store.  

300gsm PVC Mesh 
The PVC Mesh has similar properties to standard PVC meaning it is weather resistant but with the added bonus it is less vulnerable to wind damage.

750gsm Double Sided PVC 
This is one of our heavier PVC materials and suited for long term usage. The added advantage to this material is that it can be printed on both sides, allowing you to display the same or an alternative message.

235gsm Poly Blockout 
Our Poly Blockout is a heavy weight fabric material with PVC like back to prevent any show through on double sided banners. Due to the black backing vibrant colours show best on this material. 

250gsm Poly Canvas
Poly Canvas is a heavy durable fabric material, ideal for medium to long term usage. It is longer lasting than the Poly Blockout material, allowing you to display your message for longer. 

Product Sizes

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

Black Cafe Banner Range

Cafe banner stand pole - 6cm diameter and 105cm height
Cafe banner base - 48cm diameter
Cafe banner - 143cm x 81.5cm 
Complete assembled system - 216cm width 

Chrome Cafe Banner Range 

Cafe banner stand pole - 5cm diameter and 88cm height.
Cafe banner base - 36cm diameter and 6.6cm height
Cafe banner - 100.5cm x 84cm or 130.5cm x 84cm or 160.5cm x 84cm banner
Complete assembled system size depends on the size banner you require.

Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Do you include the banner with your cafe banner systems?

Yes, we include the cafe banner when you buy a cafe banner system from us.

Is it possible just to purchase a cafe banner instead of the whole cafe banner system?

Yes we can produce replacement banners for our cafe banner systems.

Are cafe banners suitable for internal displays?

Yes, you can use our cafe banners for both indoor and outdoor displays.

What's the difference between the double and single sided cafe banners?

Our single sided cafe banners are only printed on one side of the banner, whereas the double sided banners are printed on both sides, allowing your display to be seen from either side. We are also able to print different designs on either side of your cafe banner.

Can you connect multiple cafe banners together?

Yes, our cafe banners feature multiple connection points, allowing you to connect more than one cafe banner to each cafe banner stand. This allows you to adapt your cafe banners to different sizes and shapes.

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