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Our round hanging banners are ideal for exhibitions and events. They are made to your bespoke sizes and specifications and can include different features and finishings.

This round overhead banner creates a bold and stylish impact at any indoor event. This banner will easily draw attention to your brand due to its size and striking look. Supported by our flexible fibre frame with hanging wires, the carousel will bring your products to life with maximum impact.

Our Round Hanging Banner will show off your marketing messages in a 360° display, which helps generate more awareness by being visible from all directions.

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Round Hanging BannersOur round hanging banners are attention grabbing and create a focal point for any display. They are ideal if you are trying to promote you brand and promotional messages in an area with limited ground space.

The frame is made from a flexible fibre material, which is lightweight, making it easier to install. The fabric banners are interchangeable, allowing you to update your promotional messages and display whenever you need to. Fabric banners are also easier to transport as there is very little risk of them being damaged during transportation or storage.

Our round hanging banners are also available in a choice of sizes, so no matter your overhead display space, we will be able to provide you with a round hanging banner that makes a visual impact and grabs your customers' attention.

We can also create different styles of round hanging banners, for example having two hanging banners, with one hanging below the other. This helps you to create an overhead display that stands out and suits your display requirements.

Our round hanging banners look great when used alongside our other promotional display products, we also offer standard hanging banners that look great when used with our round hanging banners, helping you to grab attention and show off your brand.



Product Materials

The materials used for this product


Made from our fibre frame, our hanging banner is lightweight making it easy to hang and to transport, without any heavy lifting involved.


Made from 115gsm Knitted Polyester, which is our standard material, primarily used on flags. Knitted polyester is used both internally and externally. 

Product Sizes

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

Our round hanging banners are available in the following sizes as standard:


1m x 1.46m


1m x 1.83m


1m x 1.83m


1m x 2.56m


1m x 2.56m

We can also make bespoke sized round hanging banners and offer tiered versions, allowing you to create a round hanging banner that promotes your brands and promotional messages.

Product Installation

Installation and Maintenance for this product

Our accredited installation team are able to install our round hanging banners. If you are installing your hanging banners in a challenging or complicated area our highly trained installation team will be able to carry out a professional installation service, making sure your round hanging banners are displayed effectively and safely.

Our installation team are Alcumus Safe Contractor accredited and have an ISO standard, helping to assure you that we carry our installations out to the highest standard. We will carry out site surveys to assess your installation, allowing us to create customised installation plans, making sure we adhere to all health and safety standards and install your round hanging banners effectively.

Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Why should I choose a round hanging banner?

Round hanging banners are a great promotional display tool, they can be seen from everyone walking below and can be seen from every angle, helping you make the most out of your advertising space. Our round hanging banners are designed to be hung from the ceiling, making the most of your display space and not using your ground space. All of our round hanging banners are produced to the highest standard and can be made to your bespoke sizes and specifications, we can also create a tiered round hanging banner, helping you create a stand out display.

Can you install my round hanging banner?

Yes, we have a highly accredited installation team who can install our round hanging banners. This ensures that your round hanging banners are displayed at their best and are installed safely, an important factor if there are going to be people walking beneath them.

Can I have a bespoke sized round hanging banner?

Yes, we have a range of standard sized round hanging banners but we also offer bespoke round hanging banners, allowing you to specify your required size. We can also make tiered round hanging banners.

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