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Branded Gazebos

Stand out and promote your brand with a fully printed design


Artwork Support Available
Cancer Research 3x3 Gazebo (2)-1
Cancer Research 3x3 Gazebo (5)
Wildbird Custom Printed Gazebo
Sale Sharks 6x3 Gazebo-1
Custom Printed Event Gazebo
Custom Exhibition Gazebo
Aldi Custom Printed Gazebo
3 x 3 printed Gazebo

Our heavy duty printed gazebos are ideal for special outdoor events, helping to provide you with shelter from the weather as well as creating a visually effective display space that is easily seen and grabs attention. 

  • Easy to assemble
  • Carry case included
  • Size Options 
  • Wall Options 
1 Gazebo Frame and Roof
2 Gazebo Left Wall
3 Gazebo Back Wall
4 Gazebo Right Wall
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Branded Gazebos Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Branded Gazebo

Custom pop up gazebos are the ideal promotional display tool. Our heavy-duty pop-up gazebos have been used for work conferences, outdoor shows, sporting events and motorsport events, helping to assure you that they can be used in most display locations and look effective. We have a number of gazebos to offer and all supply fully printed walls depending on your requirements.

Full colour branded gazebos are an ideal promotional tool for external events and displays. Our printed gazebo offers your unique designs and branding, allowing you to boost brand find exposure at events. Bringing in more questions about your business.

Custom printed gazebos will stand out of the crowd, offering shelter to event attendees, and also to your products. Use alongside our feather flags to create an easy eye-catching display that will attract event visitors and potential customers to your stand.

Pop up gazebos are high quality and cost-effective display solutions, allowing you to use them time and time again and taking them home. The frame is made from durable materials, making sure that it can withstand poorer weather conditions and providing you with a reliable shelter as well as a visually effective display solution, giving you less questions and more efficiency.

Our branded gazebos can be bought individually or as a bundle offer with other external display products, helping you create the right external display stand for you. Our gazebos are perfect, high quality options for a personalised home or a quality sports event. Do you have one of our items in your cart? Still have extra questions? Give us a call today and we would be happy to help you with any enquiry that you might have. Don’t hesitate to ask about the personalised option, we can answer your questions about photo printing, black and white, delivery, any of our items. Call us for any information.

Technical Information

Things you may need to know before purchase

Product Sizes

Our size options

We have a number of size options for our full colour printed gazebos, this allows you to choose your ideal branded gazebo size for your display requirements. You can also use more than one fully printed pop up gazebo with optional side walls beside each other, helping you to expand your display space even further.



 2 x 2 with 1 wall


 2 x 2 with 3 walls


 3 x 3 with 1 wall


 3 x 3 with 3 walls


 3 x 4.5 with 1 long wall


 3 x 4.5 3 walls 2 long 1 short


 3 X 6 3 walls 1 long 2 short



Product Wall Options and Assembly

Choose to have walls or not

We can fully print the canopy and side walls for your pop up gazebo, all of our branded gazebos come with three walls as standard. The walls are easily added or removed using a zip and velcro tie solution. Our heavy duty pop up gazebo's use a simple pop up and clip mechanism to easily assemble and pack away at the end of your exhibition or event. The side walls attached using velco and a zip to firmly secure in place. 


Gazebo assembly

Full Assembly Guide

Product FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Why should I buy a branded gazebo?

Our branded gazebos are a great way to create a display area at any outdoor event. Our gazebos help to provide you and your display with protection from the weather, including the sun and the rain. We produce our  gazebos in two sizes, helping you to choose a gazebo that fits your display requirements. All of the custom printed walls are removable, allowing you to adapt your gazebo for different display environments. We also custom print your  gazebo roof, making sure your gazebo is fully bespoke and shows off your brand. Our  gazebos are height adjustable and create an impressive display.

Is it possible to remove walls from your fully printed gazebos?

Yes, all of our heavy duty gazebo walls can be removed, giving you the freedom to add a wall, and to find the style of your custom printed gazebos.

Which parts of your pop up gazebo can be printed?

We are able to apply your print on the canopy and three walls for our branded gazebos.

Can your branded gazebos be fixed to the ground?

Yes all of our full colour branded gazebos can be fixed to soft ground with pegs. 

What other display products do your offer that work well with a branded gazebo?

We offer a range of promotional display products that would look great with our high qualitity gazebos. Our feather flags are extremely versatile and are ideal for outdoor displays, this makes them a special display product to use alongside our branded gazebos. Like our feather flags our Y band outdoor banners are also a great option for using with our branded gazebos. The Y band outdoor banner has a weighted base and provides you with a display that can show off your promotional messages alongside your branding being displayed on your gazebo.

Can I use more than one fully printed gazebo next to one another?

Yes, the removable walls mean that you can use multiple pop up gazebos next to each other, helping you to create one large event space that people can walk through. This means that we can supply as many fully printed gazebos as you need to create a fully bespoke event area. This can be done for both our 3x3 gazebos and our 6x3 gazebos. This allows you to bring a design from home.

Can your gazebo's be double sided?

Yes, we can apply your print to make it double sided. However this will add addtional cost to the product. Most of our customers do not require a double sided option.

Product Matching with other products

Complete your display

Our fully printed gazebos look impressive when used alongside some of our other promotional display solutions, including our feather flags or teardrop flags. Using these products alongside each other help to create an attention grabbing display area that promotes your brand and promotional messages. All of these products are ideal for outdoor displays and will help you to show your brand off at its best. If you have an event coming up, check out our range of hand waving flags.


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