Branding Ideas For Your Running Event


It doesnt matter if your event is a marathon, over obstacles or through thick mud, it is important that your brand is present throughout the event. This can however be challenging as many events can cover miles through challenging countryside. Below are our suggestions for making the most out of every part of your race. 

Welcome crowds in with portable flagpolesportable flagpoles

As attendees drive towards your event, welcome them in with portable flagpoles, this will help to build excitement and to help direct cars to your event. Portable flagpoles can be moved around and reused in multiple events and do not require any permanent fixings to be secure. 

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branded gazeboGazebos for your runner registration

Before the race has started runners have to sign in and obtain any numbers or packs required to start the race. Branded gazebos enable organisers the opportunity to create a central weather protected place that runners can easily find.

They are available in a number of sizes and can come with optional walls which in addition to the roof of the gazebo create large branding or sponsorship opportunities. 

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Inflatable event arches for your start linetough mudder inflatable arch

Arches create a grand start to kick off your race, our inflatable arches stand at an impressive 4 m tall and 3.8 m wide.

They are fully customisable meaning they can come in any colour and design, we also include ropes, a pump and a bag to ensure they are easily set up and packed away. 

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running event fence scrimControl the crowd and support your sponsors with fence scrim

Fence scrim and crowd barrier jackets can be used to cover dull crowd barriers, whilst its important to ensure the safety and organisation of the event you can still used them effectively.

Crowd barriers provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand for endless stretches of the race, they can even be used for valuable sponsorship space to increase the events revenue. 

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Eye catching branding with feather flagsrunning event feather flags

Throughout the event utilise eye catching feather flags to draw attention, our custom printed feather flags are bespoke designs and can come in a number of shapes. We also have a range of sizes and bases, allowing you to display your feather flag anywhere.

Feather flags can be used to promote and to help organise your event, they can signal check points and highlight to attendees the locations of areas such as check in. 

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Be inventive with what you brandtough mudder pvc banner

Why not brand some of your obstacles? After all they are some of the highlights of your event, there will no doubt be some great pictures of your runners tackling them so why not be in them? 

We are able to advise on solutions for many tricky environments, just let us know what you have in mind. We are able to supply materials that will stand up to any cold, wet or muddy environment you put your runners through whilst showcasing your brand. 

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Finishing strong with a finish line with brand PVC bannersPVC banner display stands

The finish of the race is always the busiest and most anticipated part of the race, all eyes are on who the winner will be.

To ensure the grand finish your event deserves and to showcase your sponsors, use custom printed PVC banners to create the perfect picture. PVC banners can be created to any size and any design.

Find our more about PVC banners. 

Celebrate success with a backdrop bannermarathon backdrop banner

Once the race is complete its time to celebrate the success of the winners, this is a time for pictures with all eyes on the winners.

Create the perfect backdrop to complete your winning scene. We can create this using a number of different methods to suit the backdrop available. Custom banner frames, PVC banners and even hard signage. 

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We have helped to brand some of the biggest marathons and obstacle events and are happy to share our expertise. If you have any questions about branding your event or need assistance choosing the right solutions our experienced account managers are on hand to help. Contact us

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