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2005 Brazil Sewn National Flags (Department for Culture)
G20 Summit National Flags (5)
Pax Lodge National Flags (1)

We produce our Brazilian flags to the highest standard and quality, making sure they adhere to strict design regulations. All of our Brazilian flags are produced at our head office in Cambridgeshire, including both sewn Brazilian flags and printed Brazilian flags.

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Brazilian flags are the ideal way to celebrate national events and create traditional displays. Both our printed and sewn Brazilian flags are made in house at our head office in Cambridgeshire, where we ensure they are produced to the highest quality.

We use Spun Polyester for all of our Brazilian flags, this is a traditional material that has been approved by the Ministry of Defence for all of their flags. Spun Polyester is more durable than our standard 115gsm Knitted Polyester, helping to ensure your Brazil flags will last longer and create an impressive traditional display.

We offer both printed and sewn Brazil flags, helping you create a display that suits your requirements. Printed Brazil flags are ideal if you are looking for a budget friendly option that will stand out with vivid colours. Our sewn Brazil flags are the more traditional option and create an impressive prestigious display. Our sewn Brazilian flags are longer lasting that the budget friendly printed alternatives. Both options are available to buy online, with a choice of sizes:

  • 0.7sqm 
  • 1.5sqm

Both flags are finished with a rope and toggle as standard. However, if you are looking for a more bespoke Brazilian flags we have a wide range of other finishes available; please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.
We have a wide range of other Brazilian flag products to choose from, including banners, display stands and signage. Our most popular Brazilian flags products include:

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Things you may need to know before purchase

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The Brazilian flag became official in 1889, four days after Brazil became a republic. The stars on the Brazilian flag represent the constellations as seen from Rio de Janeiro on the 15th November 1889, the day Brazil became a republic.

The flag has changed, now containing 27 stars. The most recent changed was in 1992 where an extra 4 stars were added.

The colours of the Brazilian flag have special meanings. The green background is said to represent the extensive nature that is part of Brazil and the gold is supposed to represent the wealth of the country. During the Brazilian Empire, the flag was different. The blue and white displayed on the old flag represented the Virgin Mary, highlighting the Catholic roots of the country.

Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Why should I buy a flag of Brazil?
Brazilian flags are a great way of celebrating national events and celebrations. All of our Brazilian flags are produced to the highest standard, in house at our head office in Cambridgeshire. We can produce both printed and sewn Brazilian flags, each made using high quality Spun Polyester, making sure your flag looks great and is also highly durable. 

What special occasions can I fly a Brazilian flag for in the UK?
There are many Brazilian festivals and events that are held in the UK each year, including carnivals and festivals. The national day of Brazil is on the 7th September and celebrated Brazil’s independence from Portugal. Flying the Brazilian flag for any of these events is a great way of showing your national support and creating an impressive Brazilian display.

How are your Brazilian flags finished?
Our standard Brazilian flags, available to buy online, are finished with a rope and toggle. However, we can also produce bespoke Brazilian flags, using finishes of your choice, making sure your Brazilian flag suits your display requirements. We have a wide range of finishes available, including gold fringing to help create a prestigious effect and display.

What other Brazilian flag products can you produce?
We can produce all of our products using the Brazilian flag design, whether you need a flag, banner, display stand or signage. We also offer a range of graphics, including window and car graphics that are ideal for showing off the Brazilian flag. Some of our most popular Brazilian flag products include Brazilian hand waving flags, Brazilian bunting and Brazilian table flags.

Can I buy the Brazilian flag online?
Yes, our Brazilian flags are available to buy online. You can order both our sewn Brazilian flags and our printed Brazilian flags online. All of our Brazilian flags online are ready made and available with fast delivery, making sure you get your flag as soon as possible.

What is the difference between a sewn Brazilian flag and a printed Brazilian flag?
Both our sewn and printed flags of Brazil are made to the highest quality. Unlike other manufacturers we use Spun Polyester for all of our national flags, making sure they look impressive and are extra durable. Our sewn Brazilian flags are made by our in house sewing team at our head office in Cambridgeshire. Sewn Brazil flags are more durable than printed alternatives and create an impressive prestigious display.

Our printed Brazil flags are produced using our in house advanced digital printers, ensuring that all of the colours are vibrant. Printed Brazilian flags are more budget friendly than the sewn alternatives but create a great looking Brazilian display.


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