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Indoor our outdoor custom bunting is an effective promotional display tool and can be used for a wide range of reasons, including celebrations, events and promotions. All of our custom bunting is made to you specific requirements, including the pennant shape, size and material. 

We are known for producing miles and miles of fantastic personalised bunting. In 2016, we produced around 433 miles of personalised bunting, which is the same as the distance from London to Paris and back again. We have a vast array of shapes and styles to suit any customers’ requirements. Whether you want to increase your brand awareness or celebrate an event like Saint Patrick’s Day, our custom bunting will meet all your bunting needs.

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Custom BuntingAll of our custom bunting is manufactured in house. Custom bunting is an ideal display solution for indoor or outdoor events, allowing you to celebrate special occasions and promotions. All of our custom bunting is made to your specific requirements, including the pennant sizes and shapes, bunting length and designs. We can also use waterprood material to ensure that it stands up against the weather should you expect rain. 

Tailor made bunting allows you to show off your brand and capture the attention of your customers and passers by. We are even able to print multiple designs on the same length of bunting, giving you the freedom to design bunting that truly represents your brand and promotional messages.

Our in house design team are able to help you create effective artwork that helps your promotional messages and branding stand out.

Custom bunting is a great product to use alongside other promotional display products. We recommend displaying your custom bunting with feather flags, a great promotional tool that can be used in most locations, whether it be an internal or external display.


Product Materials

The materials used for this product

Some of our most popular custom bunting materials including fabric and paper bunting. 

68D Polyester

This material is strong with tear resistant properties. This is ideal for external events as it is a waterproof fabric that doesn't change shape when it gets wet making it a good choice for outdoor bunting. 

115gsm Knitted Polyester

Our Knitted Polyester bunting allows you to expand your message and include extra artwork for a unique feel.  


Our PVC bunting is the most durable material in our bunting range. This means that you can display your marketing message for longer.

135gsm Synthetic Paper

135gsm synthetic paper bunting is a waterproof paper. It is lightweight and durable making it a great material for medium term usage. It has a tear resistant nature, for added longevity.

Product Sizes

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

We offer standard lengths of bunting at 10 meters, featuring 24 pennants. However, our personalised custom bunting can be made bespoke to you. You are able to choose your ideal custom bunting length and the colour of the bunting webbing. You are also able to choose the specifications of your custom bunting pennants, including the size and shape of you bunting and how many pennants are featured per meter of personalised bunting.

Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Why should I buy custom bunting?

Custom bunting is an effective promotional tool that can show off your branding and promotional messages. It is also an effective way to celebrate events and promotions. All of our custom bunting is made to your bespoke specifications and requirements, making it unique to your brand and helping you stand out against competitors. Custom bunting can be hung from ceilings and walls and also outdoors in most areas. This makes it a very effective promotional tool as when it is hung high it can be seen clearly by people passing by. We have produced custom bunting for large brands celebrating events such as the football world cup.

What is the standard length of your custom bunting?

The standard length of our custom bunting is 10 meters. However, we are able to produce bespoke lengths of custom bunting that suit your display requirements.

What shape pennants do you offer for your custom bunting?

We can produce any shape pennant for you custom bunting, our most common pennant shapes include rectangles, circles and triangles.

Can I choose the material for my custom bunting?

Yes, we have a range of material options for our custom bunting, from budget friendly to high quality materials. We also offer a range of PVC, fabric and synthetic paper bunting, making sure you can choose the right material for your display purposes. You will be find custom bunting materials that are ideal for internal and outdoor environments, making sure your bunting is functional and looks great.

Are bunting flags and bunting the same thing?

Yes personalised bunting flags are the same. 

Product Artwork Templates

Use our standard templates for your design

Rectangular Bunting

Triangular Bunting

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