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Transform your foyer or reception area with our high-quality custom made canvas prints. We use your art or images to create canvas prints unique to you. All of our canvas prints are supplied assembled and have a range of finishing options available. 

We supply canvas prints as part of our office refurbishment service, helping you to update your office environment. Our office refurbishment team can provide you with new custom printed wallpaper, floor graphics, window graphics and much more, helping you to brand your workplace. 

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Canvas Prints Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Canvas PrintsWe produce high quality custom made canvas prints, using your art and images to create a canvas unique to you. Our canvases can be made to any size, so no matter how large you want your canvas print we can produce it. We have a range of office refurbishment products that will help you to transform your workplace environment and improve your office atmosphere.

Our canvas prints are available with a range of different finishes and styles, giving you the freedom to design a wall display that suits your requirements and brand. Our canvas prints are supplied ready to hang and fully assembled with a fast turnaround time so that you don't have to wait to personalise your wall spaces. All of our canvas prints are manufactured by us to the highest quality.

Using your high quality images and designs we print bespoke canvas prints. All you need to do is send us your images and size requirements. Your canvas print will then be manufactured and assembled in house before being sent to you ready to hang.

If you are looking for wall art that is interchangeable and can easily be updated we also offer a fabric tension frame. This is a great alternative to a canvas print, made from a stretch fabric and an aluminium frame. Our fabric tension frames look great and also feature interchangeable covers, allowing you to update your promotional messages and wall art.

We produce canvas prints as part of our office refurbishment service, helping to provide you with a finishing touch for your office refurbishment. Our office refurbishments help to improve your office environment and atmosphere. We can produce custom office wallpaper, floor graphics, window graphics and a wide range of other office refurbishment products, allowing us to carry out a complete office refurbishments. Our office refurbishments aim to create a branded office space that looks professional for visitors and customers. Our office refurbishments also help to improve motivation for employees. Our in house installation team can install all of our office refurbishment products. Our installation team have achieved an ISO standard and are also assured by the Alcumus Safe Contractor scheme, providing you with peace of mind that we carry our installations out to the highest standard.

Technical Information

Things you may need to know before purchase

Product Materials

The materials used for this product

Professionally mounted on a wooden frame our canvases will not fade or flake over time and can easily be wiped clean.

Product Sizes

Our range of sizes for this product

Our standard sizes include:


Frame Size (inches) Frame Size (cm)
8" x 12" 20.32cm x 30.48cm
12" x 16" 30.48cm x 40.64cm
16" x 19" 40.64cm x 48.26cm
16" x 24" 40.64cm x 60.96cm
19" x 30" 48.26cm x 76.2cm
24" x 32" 60.96cm x 81.28cm
24" x 36" 60.96cm x 91.44cm
32" x 48" 81.48cm x 121.92cm



Frame Size (inches) Frame Size (cm)
8" x 8" 20.32cm x 20.32cm
12" x 12" 30.48cm x 30.48cm
16" x 16" 40.64cm x 40.64cm
19" x 19" 48.26cm x 48.26cm
24" x 24" 60.96cm x 60.96cm
32" x 32" 81.28cm x 81.28cm



Frame Size (inches) Frame Size (cm)
12" x 24" 30.48cm x 60.96cm
12" x 36" 30.48cm x 91.44cm
16" x 48" 40.64cm x 121.92cm

Product Installation

Installation and maintenance advice for this product

Like a normal picture frame, our canvas prints can be hung in no time at all. 

Canvas Prints FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Why should I buy a canvas print?

Our canvas prints are made to the highest standard and are made to meet your bespoke specifications. All of our canvas prints use your bespoke artworks, helping to make sure they are bespoke to you. Canvas prints provide a great finishing touch to any office space, helping to create a professional office environment and look great for customers and visitors. Canvas prints are ideal for displaying photographs and are also a great option for displaying promotional messages and branding. 

What sizes are your canvas prints available in?

We have a range of standard sizes for our canvas print, including rectangular, square and panoramic.

I'm not sure what to display on my canvas print, can you help?

Yes, we have an in house graphic design team who will be able to come up with designs for your canvas prints, simply tell them what you'd like to be displayed and our graphic design team will be able to help you.


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