Choose the right feather flag base for you

We have a number of feather flag base options available for our feather flag range, each designed to support the different needs and budgets of our customers. It is important to choose the correct base for your flag to ensure you maximise the advertising potential. If your flag has fallen over or even torn, passers-by will not be able to see your message about your brand, products or services. which feather flag base it right for you?

Bracket Basesfeather flag angled wall bracket

Should you wish for your feather flag to be mounted to the side of a building for example, we have two types of bracket to allow you to do so. We offer a vertical and an angled wall bracket option that allows you allows you to angle your flag in the desired way. Should you need any assistance our in-house installation team is available. 

feather flag base spinnerSpiked Base

Designed for outside use for events such as festivals and trade shows, ground spiked based allow you to firmly secure your flag into the ground without the need for a heavy base. This option makes transporting and setting up your feather flags much easier. The main consideration point when choosing a spiked base is do you want to trade up to a rotating option or not? As the wind blows a spinner allows our feather flag to move with it creating two benefits, the first is that it will prolong the life of the flag as it won't have the wind against it all the time. The other is it will move around more drawing more eyes to your message. 


Car Base Platesfeather flag car base with spinner

Many car forecourt owners use feather flags to attract more customers to them. Often based next to a main road, feather flags catch the eye of drivers as the pass by. We have two options available for car base plates, similar to bracket bases the main consideration factor is that the budget car base plate does not have a spinner included. 

Our car base plate pictured right includes a spinner allowing for the benefits mentioned above. 

internal cross feather flag baseInternal Base

Should you have an internal event or require a feather flag to be used inside the internal base is a light effective option. Ideal for small to large feather flags this base will ensure passers-by can see you branding. Due to the weight of the base we do not recommend using it outside or with our extra-large and above sizes. 

white parasol feather flag base



Small budget parasol base

Similar to the internal base the small budget parasol base is best used for small or medium feather flags to ensure the weight of the flag and wind speed do not tip the flag and base over. The parasol base can be filled with water to add extra weight and stability. It can then be emptied to make the item easier to transport. 

Cross Basefeather flag cross base

For use internally and externally the cross base can be used with feather flags that you may move in-between locations such as exhibitions and events in varying locations. Should you with to add additional weight to the product to provide extra security a water base can be added to do so. We do not however recommend use with our extra-large feather flags and above as these require additional weight to support than the cross base can provide. 



Water filed 30kg base and Concreate base 20kg Baseblack water parasol base20kg concreate feather flag base

If you are in a windy area or need extra stability for your feather flags these options are able to provide it for you. These bases provide a solid stable base for small to large feather flags


concreate feather flag baseparasol feather flag baseWater filled 50kg base and concreate base

If you wish for your feather flag to tower high so your message can be seen by everyone and you don't have a car to support your base or the ground is too hard for a spike. These bases provide the security needed to show off any flag size all the way up to xx large size feather flags.




The below is our full range of feather flag bases, should you need any additional assistance don't hesitate to get in touch.

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If you need any assistance choosing the right product for you our experts are on hand to help. Contact Us

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