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Pop Up exhibitions stands are a simple and easy way to make an impact at any exhibition, display, or events. Our Pop Up display stands are ideal for all exhibition environments. They are also great display solutions for shops and showrooms where there would normally be no clear view of that you are displaying, helping you to create branded backdrops for new products and grab attention. We have supplied Pop Up display stands to some of the biggest brands in the UK helping them to create effective displays.

  • Quick to assemble
  • Changeable covers
  • Easy to transport
  • Size options

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Our Pop Up exhibition stand design features fabric banners which are easily attached to the frame using Velcro. The frames themselves are built from lightweight aluminium and simply pull up and fold back down, making them fast to set up.

Our Pop Up display stands are designed to be used for any internal displays, especially events and exhibitions. All of our Pop Up exhibition displays feature fabric banners which are produced using your custom artworks. This helps you to create a display stand that represents your brand and stands out. 

We make sure that all of our Pop Up displays are built to the highest quality finish in the industry. The frames are robust and easy to pull up, simply clicking together the hold the stand in place. All of our fabric banners are produced in house using the latest digital printing technology. This means that there is no limit to the design of your display. So whether you want to print full photographic images or your company logo and promotional messages, our printers will be able to recreate your design with vivid colours that stand out.

These display stands feature interchangeable banners, providing you with a cost effective, long term display stand. As the banners are produced from fabric they are also easier to store and transport. Unlike PVC alternatives, our fabric banners are less prone to damage and can be folded away easily.

Our Pop Up exhibition stands are lightweight and easy to transport. We have designed our Pop Up display stands with a wheeled carry case, helping you to transport and store your Pop Up display stand safely to and from events. Our pop up exhibit stands are so easy to put together. Just take them out of the case, expand the frame and attach the fabric banners and that is it, your exhibiting your display as easy as that. This stand design is a recommended solution for a business that is on the move often and is looking to find a convenient marketing suit.

If you are looking for an alternative check out our Branded Gazebo's.

Product Sizes

Our range of sizes for this product

We offer a wide range of sizes for our Pop Up exhibiting stands, helping you to create a display stand that suits your display requirements. You can also use multiple stands at one time to build a bespoke exhibition stand that grabs attention. All of our Pop Up display stands feature interchangeable graphics, a unique collapsible frame and a wheeled carry case, designed to  make them easier to transport, store, set up and dismantle.

3x2 Straight Pop Up Display Stand - 152cm x 227cm, 24KG
3x3 Straight Pop Up Display Stand - 227cm x 227cm, 24KG
3x4 Straight Pop Up Display Stand - 302cm x 227cm, 28KG
3x5 Straight Pop Up Display Stand - 376cm x 227xm, 30KG
Wheeled Case - 86cm x 43cm (diameter)

Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Do you offer lighting options with your pop up exhibition stands?
Yes, we have a variety of lighting options for our pop up display stands.

Do you offer a counter that can be used with you pop up exhibition stands?
Yes, we have a fabric tension counter available which is ideal for using alongside our pop up display stands.

Do you offer artwork help for your Pop Up exhibition stands?
Yes, we have a large in house design team who provide an artwork service for our customers. They will help you to create stand out artwork that suits all of your display requirements.

What other display stands do you offer that can be used with your Pop Up exhibition stands?
We offer a wide range of fabric tension display stands that would work effectively alongside our Pop Up exhibition stands. We also have multiple sizes of Pop Up exhibition stands that can be used with each other, helping you to create a bespoke display that stands out and grabs attention.

How easy is it to assemble the pop up exhibition stand?
Our Pop Up exhibition stands are extremely easy to assemble and dismantle. The frame easily pulls up and clicks together, the fabric banners are then simply attached to the frame using a Velcro strip. As the frame is collapsible, the whole display stand is easy to transport and store, taking up only a small amount of room and fitting in a car boot.

Why choose a Pop Up display stand?
Our Pop Up display stands are extremely versatile and can be used for most indoor displays. The fabric banners are digitally printed, making sure they are vibrant and help to show off your brand and promotional messages. Our Pop Up display stands are also easy to transport and simple to assemble and dismantle, making them a hassle free display option. You are also able to choose between two different sizes, in the case you’re not looking for a large display stand, to find the right Pop Up display stand for you.

Product Video

Building the product

Take a look at our Pop Up exhibtion stand assembly video below

Product Artwork Templates

Use our artwork template to create your design

Pop up 2x3 Template

Pop up 3x3 Template

Pop up 4x3 Template

Pop up 5x3 Template


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