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Tension Fabric Exhibition Stands

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Our tension fabric exhibition stands are custom printed to your bespoke designs, allowing you to create an exhibition stand that is unique to you. We have a range of shapes and sizes for our stretch fabric exhibition stands, helping you to create an exhibition stand unique to you. Our fabric tension display stands are extremely versatile and easy to transport and assemble, making them the ideal exhibition stand option.

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Fabric tension exhibition stands are an attention grabbing display option. They are ideal for using at events and exhibitions but also make great display stands in the retail, automotive, hotel and university industries. The frames create unique shapes which are then covered with a fabric cover which stretches to fit the frame. The stretch fabric technology decreases the risk of wrinkles and creases being visible on your display stand, making sure that your exhibition stand is clear to passers by.

All of our tension fabric exhibition stands feature interchangeable covers, allowing you to keep your promotional messages up to date. The unique shapes of these exhibition stands are eye catching and bound to get your display noticed. We also have a range of internal and external lighting options available for our fabric tension display stands, helping to create an even more attention grabbing display that stand out from the crowd.

We recommend using our fabric tension counter alongside our other display stand options to help you create a focal point to your display. The counter is also a great way to display promotional literature, helping you to create a functional, eye catching display.

Tension fabric exhibition stands are more versatile than PVC banner alternatives, as the fabric covers can easily be changed and stored, without the risk of creasing and damaging the covers.

Product Shapes

Our Range Of Shapes For This Product

Our fabric tension exhibition stands are available in a range of different shapes, allowing you to create a display stand that represents you and stands out.

The Curve

Our curved fabric tension exhibition stand features a unique curved shape that can be used either way around. This stand can have double sided graphics and has a range of lighting options available. Our curved fabric tension display stand is ideal for creating a back wall to your display stand.

The Wall

Our fabric tension wall exhibition stand features double or single sided covers and is great at creating a backdrop to your display stand. You are able to choose your own designs and choose from our range of lighting options.

The Counter

This is our most versatile fabric tension exhibition stand. The fabric tension counter can be used with any display stand, whether it be at an exhibition, event or in a retail environment. The counter features a hard wooden top and the fabric covers fit tightly to remove any creases.

The Flare

The fabric tension flare display stand helps you to create an attention grabbing display stand. It has an innovative shape that is unique. The flare also feature internal lighting options and can be seen from any angle.

The Wave

The fabric tension wave exhibition stand looks great when used alongside our fabric tension curve or fabric tension wall. The display stand has lighting options available and can be used from either side of the display.

The Frame

Our fabric tension frame is a versatile display stand which can be used as a stand alone display stand or as a modular display stand, allowing you to adapt your exhibition stand for different locations. Our frame can also be used as wall hanging displays, free standing displays or hung from the ceiling, there is internal lighting options available.

Product Sizes

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

The tension fabric curve stand measures:

Height - 2315mm

Width - 3050mm

Depth - 480mm

Weight - 8KG

The tension fabric wall stand measures:

Height - 2315mm

Width - 3050mm

Depth - 480mm

Weight - 8KG

The tension fabric flare stand measures:

Height - 2380mm

Width - 900mm

Depth - 480mm

Weight - 8KG 

The tension fabric wave stand measures:

Height - 2380mm

Width - 900mm

Depth - 480mm

Weight - 8KG 

The tension fabric counter stand measures:

Height - 1000mm

Width - 800mm

Depth - 530mm

Weight - 9KG


Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Do your fabric tension exhibition stands have lighting options?

Yes, all of our fabric tension exhibition stands have lighting options, the flare also has internal lighting options.

Are your fabric tension exhibition stands custom printed?

Yes, all of our fabric tension display stands are custom printed at our head office in Cambridgeshire.

Do you offer bundle options to buy more that one fabric tension display stand?

We can offer bespoke bundles for our fabric tension display stands, all you need to do is contact us for more information.

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