Fabric Tension Wave Display Stand

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Our fabric tension display stands are a versatile display stand option. The fabric tension wave display stand is an innovative display stand that has a unique shape that stands out. Our fabric tension wave display stand can be used for a range of purposes, including at exhibitions, events and for retail displays. 

All of our fabric tension wave display stands show of your custom artworks and designs, helping you to create a unique display stand. The system also features interchangeable covers that can be easily swapped and updated, helping you keep your branding and promotional messages fresh. We are also able to produce double sided fabric tension wave display stands, making sure your display can be seen from either side.

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Fabric Tension Display Stand

House of Flags' fabric tension displays are extremely versatile and can be used for any internal displays, making great exhibition and event stands. The range uses shaped frames, that stand out against the competition, and stretch fabric covers which fit tightly over the frames. This removes any wrinkles and creases to ensure that your display is looking its best. Fabric covers can easily be stored and transported without getting damaged, unlike PVC banner alternatives which can easily be creased and torn. 

The fabric tension wave display stand is an ideal display solution, with an eye catching shape, allowing you to grab potential customers' attention. The covers can be printed on both sides, allowing you display to be seen from either angle, increasing the number of people who will see your designs. All of our fabric covers are made bespoke to you, giving you the freedom to design a display stand that represents you and grabs the attention of your target market. The fabric tension wave display stand is also available with external lighting options, to help make your display stand out even more.

We recommend using our fabric tension display wave alongside our fabric tension counter and wall, to create an effective exhibition display.

Product Materials

The materials used for this product

The fabric tension wave display stand is made with the highest quality materials, and offers a lightweight display stand option that is durable and can be used time and time again.



Polystretch (190gsm), this material stretches to fit our pop up banners while remaining tight to ensure a non-creased surface, perfect for exhibition stands.

Product Sizes

Our range of sizes for this product

All of our fabric tension wave display stands are available in one standard size. This size is designed to match the rest of our fabric tension display stands, making sure you can use it alongside any of the other shape options.

The fabric tension wave display stand measures:

Height - 2380mm

Width - 900mm

Depth - 480mm

Weight - 8KG 

Product Set Up

Set up advice for this product

Our fabric tension wave display stands are easy to put together, just take them out of the case, follow the coded pattern and attach the Polystretch material.

Easily stored and lightweight these exhibition stands come in a handy carry case to store away when not in use. The aluminium frame makes this stand light for easy transportation.

Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

What can I use a fabric tension wave display stand for?

Fabric tension wave display stands are ideal for showing off your brands and promotional messages. They feature a distinctive design that catches attention, helping you show off your brand image and promotional messages. Our fabric tension wave display stands have been used alongside some of the other shape options available in the fabri tension display stand range. The fabric tension wave is ideal for using at events and exhibitions, with lighting options available ot really make your display stand out. The fabric tension wave is also ideal for using for any display, including retail displays for new products and even in car show rooms, helping you to show off your new cars and products.

How do you assemble the fabric tension wave display stand?

The fabric tenion wave is very easy to assemble. All of the push fit joints are coded helping you match each part together easily. Once the frame is built all you need to do is slide the fabric tension cover over the frame, providing you with a crease free, high impact display stand.

Can the fabric tension wave display stand be used outside?

We recommend that the fabric tension wave display stand is only used for indoor displays as there is no way to secure the display stand to the ground and the fabric covers are not weather resistant.

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