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Grab attention from customers and passers by

Lightboxes are a great promotional tool. The bright nature of the displays helps to grab attention from customers and passers by, helping your promotional messages and branding to stand out. All of our lightboxes are made to meet bespoke sizes. We have a range of frame profile sizes, ensuring we can supply a frame which will suit the majority of lightbox requirements.

  • Custom Size Options
  • Interchangeable Covers
  • Lighting options 
  • Fitting options

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

We offer single sided and double sided lightboxes, with backlit and edgelit options. Choose from wall hung, ceiling hung and freestanding lightboxes, we can also provide built in lightboxes, ideal for retail displays.

All of our lightboxes feature interchangeable covers. Backlit lightboxes are supplied fully assembled and edgelit lightboxes are supplied flatpacked. The covers fit neatly to the frames, simply push the silicone gasket into the groove in the frame.

Why buy our Lightboxes?

  • Lightboxes are extremely versatile and can be used for more than just exhibitions and trade shows, but also in office and retail sectors, or for any sector that attends events or has visual display stands.
  • The fabric covers mean that they will always be taut, with no creases or wrinkles in the display. The covers are interchangeable, allowing them to be updated and changed whenever they need to be, helping to keep promotional messages up to date.
  • We offer backlit and edgelit options with single and double sided frames available.
  • Choose from freestanding, wall mounted, ceiling hung and in built lightboxes.
  • Slim and elegant looks, with easy assembly and cover change, plus an added factor of acoustic dampening.

Product Safety & Certification

About this product

  • DGEAll lightboxes are provided with a 1 year warranty.
  • All lightboxes are CE rated and individually safety tested.
  • Each lightbox is supplied with a traceable serial number.
  • All Edgelit lightboxes include a Philips License.

Product LED Specifications

The facts

  • 6500 kelvin colour temperature as standard
  • 0.77 watts per LED bulb
  • 24 volt operating voltage
  • 7250 Lumen per sqm (backlit lightboxes only)

Product Backlit vs Edgelit

Lighting options

Backlit Lightboxes

Popular for outdoor and well lit areas, the illuminated back lit panels allow for your design to be lit from edge to edge with not potential for less illuminated parts of your design. The energy costs are higher for backlit lightboxes due to the addtional amount of bulbs. 




Edgelit Lightboxes

Having lights around the edges allows for the frame to be lesser in thickness and uses fewer bulbs. The larger the frame the further away the bulbs are from the centre, thus potentially illuminating the design less.

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