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Raise your brand to great heights with our high quality flagpoles

Here at House of Flags we understand the vital importance of the small details and finishings. We have a varied selection of flagpole accessories to provide a high quality finish for your flag and flagpole.

From finials and truckheads to halyards and cleats, we will have the right accessory for your flagpole.

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Our wide range of flagpole accessories include:

  • Halyards
  • Cleats
  • Banner Arms
  • Finials
  • Truckheads
  • Flag Restraints
  • Flag Weights

Product Banner Arms

The materials used for this product

If you have a portrait flag then choose between one of our banner arms, which all attach to the top of your flagpole.

Heavyweight Banner Arm
If you are looking for a way to display your flag continuously regardless of wind our heavyweight banner arm is perfect for you. The ball bearing system allows the flag to rotate around the pole minimising the risk of the flag wrapping around the flagpole. This system comes with a finial as well to ensure a professional look.

Lightweight Banner Arm
Suitable for 6m to 8m flagpoles our lightweight banner arm will help ensure your flag will always be displayed even without wind. Our lightweight banner arms are finished with a truckhead.

Independent Banner Arm
The independent banner arm is housed inside the flag to allow for easy hoisting, whilst removing the need of a fixed banner arm, making it easy to change your flag regularly, including swapping between landscape and portrait flags. 

Product Flag Restraints and Weights

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

We have a selection of flag restraints and weights to help display your flags more fully, choose from:

Flag Restraints
Flag restraints are used to keep portrait flags close to the flagpole to ensure your message or logo can be displayed with maximum effect. These restraints are more cost effective in the long term as they can be disconnected and reconnected when flag swapping.

Flag Collar
The flag collar provides tension for your flag whilst keeping it close to the pole, this is ideal for flagpoles with internal halyard systems or banner arms. 

Flag Weight
Flag weights have a similar purpose as a flag collar but they are more compact. The weight helps apply tension to keep flags taught and close to the flagpole. This is suitable for flagpoles with an internal halyard system or banner arm.

Product Flagpole Finishings

Installation and Maintenance for this product

Get you flagpole looking how you want with the following accessories:

A halyard is needed to hoist most flags. We supply our halyard by the metre so whether you have a 3 metre pole or a 12 metre flagpole we can provide you with the halyard you need. We have two types of halyard which are a 5.5mm and a 6mm thick.

Flagpoles with an external halyard need a cleat to secure your flag to your flagpole by tying off the halyard. Our cleats come in either black or white.

Internal Halyard
Our internal halyard system ensures that your flag is secure day and night. The internal system is accessed via a key locking system to ensure only those with the keys can access the flag to change it.

Top your flagpole with a finial for a professional and traditional style. We supply either gold or silver coloured finials to provide a prestigious feel to your flagpole. Our finials can be used on both halyard and banner arm poles for Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) or Aluminium flagpoles.

Our truckheads are a more cost effective solution than our finials and blend well with white poles. Our truckheads come in two colours which are white and gold.

Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Do you need to use flagpole accessories with a flagpole?

Yes, certain flagpole accessories, like the halyard, are key if you want to use your flagpole, other flagpole accessories like banner arms and finials are optional, depending on how your want your flag to be flown.

Can you supply flagpole accessories for flagpoles that were not bought from House of Flags?

Yes, we can fit our flagpole accessories to any flagpole, even if the flagpole was not bought from us originally.

Can you install your flagpole accessories?

Yes, our highly skilled installation team are able to install all of our flagpole accessories.

Do you include maintaining flagpole accessories as part of your maintenance contracts?

Yes, our maintenance contracts include the upkeep of your flagpole accessories, including replacing damaged or worn halyards.

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