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Ensuring health and safety

House of Flags provide a comprehensive flagpole maintenance and inspection service for a number of customers throughout the UK. For reasons of both public and employee safety, items such as flagpoles must be regularly maintained and kept in a safe working order. Regular flagpole maintenance prolongs the life of the flagpole itself, ensuring your flag can fly correctly and safely in order to promote a reputable image for your business.

We have two flagpole maintenance options for you to choose from, our standard flag change over and our bespoke flagpole maintenance. Our bespoke flagpole maintenance is tailor made for you and your flagpoles, helping to ensure they are all kept in their best conditions.

We also offer a range of flagpoles as well as flagpole installation

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

For flagpoles with restricted access we have a selection of equipment available, from scaffold towers to lift platforms. Our flagpole maintenance team are also able to work out of house to avoid any disruption to your business.

Our flagpole maintenance team can carry out emergency calls, one off visits and annual maintenance contracts. These can include the following services:

  • Flagpole painting
  • Flagpole cleaning
  • Regular checks of all parts of the flagpole to our high level
  • Maintenance and repairs which are very cost effective
  • Replacement of worn and damaged parts of full flagpoles
  • Hoisting flags for special occasions
  • Replacement halyards and pulleys

Product Flag Change Over

Our Flag Change over maintenance contract

flag change overOur flag change overs are our basic flagpole maintenance contract. The flag change over service is ideal for our customers with angled flagpoles or with flagpoles installed in challenging locations, such as rooftops, which are not easily accessible.

Our flag change over service includes up to four flag change overs a year, depending on you individual requirements. Whilst carrying out our flag change overs we also include a free visual inspection of your flagpoles, recommending any work that may be needed to ensure the safety of your flagpoles.

All of our flag change overs are carried out to the highest standard, making sure your flag is displayed correctly and professionally. We are also able to carry out any flagpole maintenance requirements if they are found through the visual check of your flagpoles.

Read about how we keep Thom Browne's flags looking in top condition despite the tricky location. Download PDF



Product Maintenance Service Levels

Our bespoke flagpole maintenance contracts

Our bespoke flagpole maintenance service is tailor made to you and your flagpole maintenance requirements. Our bespoke flagpole maintenance contracts are popular with our customers who have flagpoles in areas that could pose a threat to public or employee safety. They are also popular amongst our customers who own expensive GRP flagpoles and angled flagpoles, helping to make sure their flagpoles are always in their best condition. We recommend that your flagpole has regular checks to help ensure that there is no risk of causing injuries. Poorly maintained flagpoles can have rusty or damaged parts which can compromise the safety of your whole flagpole.

 Services  Gold  Silver  Bronze

 Free Site Survey

 Yes  No  No

 Halyard Change

 Yes  Yes  Yes

 Visual Flagpole Check

 Yes  Yes  Yes

 Flag Hoist (if applicable)

 Yes  Yes  Yes

 Free Hardware Replacement (including   Finials, Cleats & Fixings)

 Yes  Yes  Yes

 Full Flagpole Refurbishment including     clean & paint touch up (if required)

 Yes  Yes  No

 Pre 9am appointments available   (distance limitations apply)

 Yes  No  No




Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Do you offer annual flagpole maintenance contracts?

Yes, our flagpole maintenance team offers annual contracts so that you can ensure your flagpole always looks it best.

Why do I need flagpole maintenance?

Flagpole maintenance is essential for making sure your flagpole is kept in its best condition and doesn't pose any threats to its surround environment. Without regular maintenance of your flagpoles then parts and components are at risk of becoming damaged. If parts of your flagpole are damaged then your flagpole could be at risk of falling and causing damage. Flagpoles are also liable to becoming dirty which can cause some parts of your flagpole to stop functioning properly, Our flagpole maintenance contracts help to ensure your flagpoles are kept in their best condition and look great.

Why should I choose House of Flags' flagpole maintenance?

We have a highly trained flagpole maintenance team who are able to carry out professional flagpole maintenance to an extremely high standard. We offer emergency call outs and out of hours flagpole maintenance, making sure your receive the best service possible.

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