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Raise your brand to great heights with our high quality flagpoles

Here at House of Flags we want to provide you with the right flagpole. We have a wide range of flagpoles, so whether you need a permanent flagpole, temporary flagpole or portable flagpole, we will have the right solution for you. We manufacture and supply all of our own flagpoles and even offer flagpole installation and maintenance services. All of our flagpoles are made to the highest quality, ensuring that you are provided with a flagpole that is safe and looks great.

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

No matter what type of flagpole you need, we will have the right solution for you. 

When buying a flagpole you need to consider where it will be used, how tall you want your flagpole, how long you intend to use it for, what type of weather your flagpole will be used in, the type of flag you want to fly and your budget. All of these factors affect which flagpole is right for you, if you aren't sure which type of flagpole you need take a look at our flagpole buying guide for more information.

We offer the following flagpoles:

GRP Flagpole: Our highest quality flagpole, that is best if you are looking for a prestigious permanent flagpole. This flagpole can fly any flag and is available in a range of heights. Our GRP flagpoles are supplied in one piece, helping to prevent rusting issues and improving the durability of the flagpole.

Aluminium Flagpole: This flagpole is a cheaper permanent flagpole option. You are able to fly any flag with this flagpole and it is available in a range of heights. Our aluminium flagpoles can be supplied in two parts or in one part. Our two piece poles are easier to transport and are ideal for moving from one site to another. Our aluminium flagpoles can be used alongside a banner arm, helping you to display custom portrait flags. 

Angled Flagpole: An angled flagpole is ideal if you want to display your flag from your building. We have a range of temporary and permanent angled flagpoles, available in different lengths. Angled flagpoles are idea if you have limited ground space and help to make a prestigious display. We have supplied angled flags to big brands including the likes of Selfridges.

Showhome Flagpole: Our showhome flagpole is the same as our aluminium flagpole. This flagpole is ideal for using with a banner arm and using on new housing develeopments. The showhome flagpole is available in a range of heights. Our showhome flagpoles are supplied in two parts, making them easier to transport  and use in different locations.

Ceremonial Flagpole: The ceremonial flagpole is made from high quality hardwood and brass. This flagpole is ideal for parades and military events, with a stand or holdal option. 

Portable Flagpole: If you are looking for a portable flagpole, then look no further. We a have a variety of portable flagpoles suitable for different situations. We make sure that we have a wide range of bases, so no matter where you want to use your portable flagpole, we will have a base and a flagpole solution for you.

Product Materials

The materials used for this product

Each flagpole we offer uses a different material, making sure that you can find a flagpole that fits your exact requirements. Each of our flagpole materials suit a different display environment, from permanent aluminium and glass reinforced plastic flagpoles to short term flagpoles made from aluminium.

Product Sizes

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

How do I know which flagpole I need?

Choosing the right flagpole can be daunting, you need to consider whether you need a short term or permanent flagpole and where it will be installed. Our flagpole buying guide can help you to choose the right flagpole for you. We have a wide range of flagpoles available and recommend our aluminium or GRP flagpoles if you are looking for a long term display tool. 

I need a flagpole that is secure, do you offer any security options?

Yes, we have a range of flagpole security options, including internal halyards, that can help protect your flagpole.

Can you produce a flagpole to a bespoke height?

We can cut an aluminium flagpole to size, however the height must be under 8m which is our tallest aluminium flagpole size.

Do you sell individual feather flagpoles?

Yes it is possible to order a feather flagpole without a flag from us.


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