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GRP Flagpoles

Raise your brand with our high quality flagpoles


DCM 6m GRP Flagpoles & Banner Arms (2)
8m GRP Flagpoles (Auto Village) (2)
Cwmbran Community Council Armed Forces Day 6.6m GRP Flagpoles
Legoland Portrait Flags and flagpoles
8m GRP Flagpoles (Young Living) (6)
6m Wallmounted GRP Flagpoles (Barhale) (1)
6m GRP Flagpoles (Norman Power Centre)(2)-4
6m GRP Flagpoles (Barhale) (8)

Our GRP flagpoles are ultra durable, permanent pole options. We have a range of heights and styles available.

  • Ideal for more weather adverse locations
  • Installation available
  • Ongoing maintenance service available
  • Range of options and accessories
1 Flagpole Height
2 Banner Arm Required
3 Quantity
4 Installation Required
5 Request Quote

GRP Flagpoles Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

GRP FlagpolesOur GRP flagpoles are our highest quality flagpole, and are extremely durable and long lasting. We have a range of GRP flagpoles available, including wall mounted, roof mounted, ground mounted and angled GRP flagpoles. This helps you to create an effective display that suits your location and environment. 

Our GRP flagpoles are available with a wide range of finishes and accessories, allowing you to create the right image for you. We also supply custom flags and a range of national flags including Union Jack flags which are ideal for flying with our GRP poles. 


  • Finials
  • Security Collar
  • Banner Arms
  • Internal or External Halyard System

We also offer installation and maintenance for all of our GRP flagpoles, making sure they are kept in their best condition and don't pose a threat to public or employee safety. 

Technical Information

Things you may need to know before purchase

Product Materials

The materials used for this product

GRP flagpoleOur GRP flagpoles are made from glass reinforced plastic and are sometimes called glass fibre flagpoles. They are strengthened and finished with a stain resistant coating, providing a more premier finish.

GRP flagpoles are impervious to air pollution on industrial sites or salt spray in coastal locations and can be mounted in soil grass, tarmac or concreate. 

Product Sizes

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

We have a wide range of GRP flagpoles available, including standard ground mounted flagpoles, angled flagpoles and wall or roof mounted flagpoles. For more information on our GRP flagpole sizes please take a look at our flagpole buying guide. 

Our standard ground mounted GRP flagpoles are available in the following sizes:

Flagpole Height Bottom Diameter Top Diameter

 6m Pole



 7m Pole



 8m Pole



 9m Pole



 10m Pole



 11m Pole



 12m Pole



Product Installation

Installation and Maintenance for this product

Our GRP flagpoles can be installed in a wide range of areas, including; soil, grass, tarmac and concrete. GRP flagpoles are also wall mountable if you have limited ground space.

We have a wide range of bases and brackets available to provide you with the best installation solution for your area, you can choose from:

  • Ground Sleeve
  • Tilt Plate
  • Wall Mounting Bracket

Whether you require an installation at one UK site or sites nationwide, our team can help. Find out more

House of Flags is approved by the Alcumus Safe Contractor standard. Alcumus Safe Contractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises extremely rigorous standards in health and safety management amongst contractors. It is used by thousands of organisations in the UK including SMEs and FTSE 100 companies.

Alongside our GRP flagpole installation we also offer a range of maintenance contracts for our flagpoles, ranging from our basic flag change overs to our bespoke maintenance contracts, designed specifically around your flagpoles and location. Our full maintenance contracts include an inspection of all parts of your GRP flagpole, flag change overs, flagpole repair, flagpole cleaning and a replacement halyard. If our maintenance team find any other faulty parts you we will be able to replace them for you.

Download our Installation Questionnaire

GRP Flagpoles FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Why should I buy a GRP flagpole?

Our GRP flagpoles are our highest quality flagpoles and our most durable flagpoles, making sure your flagpole lasts longer and looks great. These flagpoles have a more premium feel and look compared to our standard aluminium flagpoles. We offer our GRP flagpoles in a range of styles including angled, wall mounted and ground mounted options, making sure you can utilise your display spaces effectively. Our GRP flagpoles are available with a range of accessories, helping you style your flagpole to your needs and requirements. We also offer installation and maintenance for our GRP flagpoles, making sure your flagpoles are safe and are kept in their best condition.

What is your most popular GRP flagpole height?

Our most popular GRP flagpole height is 6m, however, we also offer a range of other heights and angled flagpole options.

Why would I need maintenance on my GRP flagpole?

We recommend that our GRP flagpoles undergo maintenance every 6 months at least, this is to make sure your GRP flagpoles last longer and are kept in their best condition. Our flagpole maintenance makes sure your flagpole is safe and that no parts are damaged or worn. We also clean your pole and touch up any damages. As part of our maintenance contracts we can also carry out a flag changeover, helping you keep your flags up to date and looking great. Our maintenance contracts help your GRP flagpoles last longer and make sure they don't pose a threat to safety.


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