Portable Bases & Brackets

Raise your brand to great heights with our high quality flagpoles

We have a wide range of portable bases and brackets that are available to buy.

These bases and wall brackets are specifically design to fit our feather flag range.

Our portable bases and brackets give you the option of displaying your feather flags in different ways.

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Our portable bases and brackets are designed to fit with our feather flag range which includes:

  • Feather flag
  • Tear flag
  • Port flag
  • Fin flag

These bases and brackets are designed for both internal and external environments and each have different features to ensure that you can choose the right base or bracket for you.

Product Portable Bases

The materials used for this product

Currently you can order the following bases for our feather flag range:
Base plate

A base plate that sits undernearth a car wheel.

Internal Cross Base

A cross plate design that is ideal for internal use.

Parasol base

A water fillable base that is ideal for external or internal usage.

Rotating spike

A spike that is pushed into the ground and allows your flag to rotate.

We also offer a weight bag which is ideal for weighting down bases such as the internal cross base.

Product Wall Brackets

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

We are currently offering an angled wall bracket and a vertical wall bracket for our feather flag range to buy.

These wall brackets will allow you to mount your feather flag on a wall and is an effective display technique if you are limited on ground space. 

Our wall brackets for feather flags allow you to easily and quickly change your flags. This gives you the freedom to put your flag up and take it back down for events and also to change your promotional messages whenever you need.

Product Installation

Installation and Maintenance for this product

All of our portable brackets are easy to set up and install. Designed specifically to use with our feather flag range, they allow you to set up your promotional displays easily and quickly.

Our range of portable bases and brackets will allow you to use your feather flags anywhere, so whether you have an internal or external promotion, our bases and brackets will provide you with a sturdy, visually effective feather flag display.

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