Portable Flagpoles

Raise your brand to great heights with our high quality flagpoles

We have a wide range of portable flagpoles available, from giant portable flagpoles to feather flagpoles and ceremonial flagpoles. Our portable flagpoles have a wide choice of bases with options for internal and external displays.

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

We have a portable flagpole to suit any requirement. Choose from free standing flagpoles and giant flagpoles, to feather flagpoles for our feather flag range, which includes:

  • Feather flag
  • Tear flag
  • Port flag
  • Fin flag

If you are looking for a different portable flagpole or a different shape or size, then please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

Product Feather Flagpoles

The materials used for this product

We are able to offer feather flag flagpoles individually without having to buy the rest of the feather flag set. These poles are extremely lightweight and are designed to fit feather flags bought from our feather flag range.

You can buy the following feather flag poles individually:

  • 1.7m Feather and Fin Flagpole (Small) 
  • 2.3m Feather and Fin Flagpole (Medium) 
  • 3.25m Feather and Fin Flagpole (Large) 
  • 1.55m Port Flagpole (Small) 
  • 2.60m Port Flagpole (Medium) 
  • 3.70m Port Flagpole (Large) 
  • 1.55m Tear Flagpole (Small) 
  • 1.90m Tear Flagpole (Medium) 
  • 2.7m Tear Flagpole (Large)

**For other sizes or shapes please contact us for more information** 

Product Free Standing Portable Flagpoles

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

We have a wide range of free standing portable flagpoles. 

Aluminium Flagpole, Plastic Banner Arm, Plastic Parasol Base

Pole Length: 2.5m (8ft), 3.0m (10ft), 3.5m (11.5ft), 4.0m (13ft) (Custom Sizes Available)
Pole Diameter: 50mm
Pole Colour: White Hipca Gloss 90%
Banner Arm length: 1m
Banner Arm Diameter:  6mm

Accessories (included):  
Chainweight and Cable Ties

Product Giant Flagpoles

Installation and Maintenance for this product

Our Giant Flagpoles are ideal for getting your brand or promotional message noticed at any external event. Rising high in the air they can be seen from a distance and will tower above the competition.

Anodised Aluminium flagpoles, plastic water filled base

Telescopic Poles   
The Giant Flagpole uses a telescopic pole, this allows you to extend and retract the pole for easy transportation and storage between events.. 

Carry Case     
Both the pole and base come in handy carry cases to make taking them to events easy.

Max Pole Height:  5.4m (17ft)
Base Dimensions:  800mm x 800mm
Max Flag Size:  1.1m x 4.1m. 
Weight: Complete set 15kg empty, 70kg when base is full.

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