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Implementing Flags as Part of Your Marketing Campaign

Flags are a popular choice for marketing campaigns and when used correctly they can be extremely effective at boosting brand awareness. Easily personalised, unique flags can play a role in boosting your business image. There are lots of advantages in using flags as part of your marketing campaign. When placed outside your premises, they can bring additional attention to your shop or building from those people who might otherwise walk straight pass. Bright colours can help catch the eye, whilst movement from the wind will also work to draw attention. The design possibilities are virtually limitless, meaning that your business can have a completely unique flag to use as part of your advertising arsenal.

The main benefits of having flags to represent your business are;

  • Boosting Brand Awareness within your local area.
  • Generate additional attention for visitors walking past your shop / store front.
  • Professional image – upbeat and modern (stand out from the crowd!)

These are only just some of the benefits that businesses see when utilising effective physical marketing products (flags, banners, branded gazebos etc). If you need help or assistance, simply get in touch with a member of our team today.


Which Flag Suits your Business Needs?

There are a wide range of flag shapes and designs which could work for your brand and business needs. The flags we provide here at House of Flags come in a range of size options, as well as different fabrics and print styles. A large flag might seem more eye catching, but you do need to be aware of the amount of space required to display it. If your design is detailed, you may find that a larger flag helps to ensure all the little details are clear and easy to see, whereas a simpler design will look just as striking on a smaller flag – this could even work to encourage your target audience to find out more.

Have you considered the different shapes which can be used for your business flag? We do not just work with rectangles! House of Flags can provide a wide range of flag shapes, from feather flags and windsocks to customised bunting or banners!

Another key part of choosing the right flag style for your needs is to think about whether you will need to move your flag around. A lightweight, portable flag is a good marketing tool to use when you attend different venues or trade exhibitions. We stock a range of portable flagpoles to help you display your flags when you are out and about. If you want your flag to be a permanent fixture, you should ensure you choose a heavy-duty flag with a robust design.

The colours, images and lettering on your flag can be completely unique to your business. Here at House of Flags, our design team can help bring your ideas to reality. We can help you to complete your design, choosing the perfect shape, size and fabric options for your flag. We can create single or double-sided flags as well as advise you on how best to use your budget. Our website features several guides to help you understand more about the artwork options, colour and fabric choices we have available, as well as a care guide so you can look after your customised flag, ensuring it stays looking great!


Where is the best place to use your flags?

One of the great advantages of using promotional flags as part of your marketing strategy is the sheer versatility of flags. Flags are a good investment as they can be used multiple times, they can be used directly outside your business premises, and they can be used to advertise a special event or sale. Portable flags can be moved anywhere you want to attract more people, such as at trade shows, community events or other times you wish to draw more attention to your brand. As a form of outdoor advertising, your new business flags can help to show off your brand even when your business is closed for the day – this is a unique 24 hour marketing tool which works with no additional expense.


How do I contact House of Flags?

Now you have seen the great benefits of adding flags to your marketing tools, why not get in touch with us here at House of Flags to see the amazing range of styles and designs we can offer you? Our friendly team is on hand via email, phone or social media. Contact your local sales office here for all things flags, banners, bunting and more!

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