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Nautical Flags

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We produce our nautical flags to the highest standard, using materials approved by the Ministry of Defence for their naval flags. All of our nautical flags are made in the UK at our head office in Cambridgeshire, allowing us to ensure that every nautical flag that we produce is high quality and durable.

All of our nautical flags are made to adhere to standards and regulations. Certain nautical flags are required to be display on British yachts and ships by maritime law. We can produce these nautical flags as well as custom nautical flags, helping you to promote your sailing events, regattas and promotional messages. We can also produce a range of other nautical flags, including Burgees, Code of Signals, Courtesy flags, House flags and Special Ensigns.

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Our nautical flags are produced meeting maritime requirements and to the highest quality. We make sure that all of our nautical flags are supplied ready to fly, making sure that you can start flying your new nautical flag as soon as you receive it.

We can print or hand sew our nautical flags for a more prestigious effect. We have invested in the latest printing technology to make sure that all of our nautical flags are produced with vivid colours and crisp designs. Our sewn flags are produced by our in house sewing team who are highly skilled and have over 40 years of experience.

Our nautical flag range features a wide range of options, including code of signals, ensigns and custom printed nautical flags.

Code of signals are an essential method of inter-vessel communication. Our code of signal flags feature a full set of 26 alphabet flags, 11 pennants and 3 substitutes. We offer our code of signal flags as a full set of 40 or to buy individually, depending on your specific requirements.

British ensign flags are needed for every British vessel, whether it is military or civilian, by maritime law. All of our ensign flags meet regulations and are durable, making sure that your ensign flags are high quality.

We can also produce custom printed nautical flags, that are ideal for promoting brands and sponsors. We have made custom nautical flags for yachts and boats involved in races and commercial boats. All of our custom made nautical flags are made to your unique specifications, allowing you to choose your ideal size, shape and design.

Product Materials

The materials used for this product

We offer our nautical flags in either Spun Polyester or 115gsm Knitted Polyester.

Spun Polyester  (Sewn nautical flags):

A traditional looking and long-lasting flag fabric, approved by the MOD for naval flags. This material lasts at least 50+% longer than our standard 115gsm Knitted Polyester. This is suitable for people and companies wanting a great looking flag with added longevity. 

115gsm Knitted Polyester (Printed nautical flags):  
Our standard flag material, these flags are suitable for mirror image due to our digital print method. 90% of all flags produced in the UK are made from Knitted Polyester.

Product Sizes

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

Our nautical flags are made to a variety of different sizes. We can make all of our nautical flags to bespoke specifications and sizes, giving you the freedom to choose a size that suits your requirements. We also have set sizes for our ensign flags and our code of signal flags.

We can produce our ensign flags in three sizes:

  • 0.8m
  • 1.6m
  • 3.2m


Our code of signals are available in three sizes.


0.4 SQM 

A-Z – 60cm x 60cm

Numbers and Substitutes – 45cm x 90cm


0.8 SQM 

A-Z – 90cm x 90cm

Numbers and Substitutes – 62cm x 125cm


1.6 SQM 

A-Z – 126cm x 126cm

Numbers and Substitutes – 90cm x 180cm

Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Do I need to have a nautical flag on my boat?

Some nautical flags are required to be displayed by British maritime law. Any British registered vessel needs to display the Red Ensign flag. However, the regulations on nautical flags differ for different sized boats and ships.

Can you supply other nationality ensign nautical flags?

Yes, we can supply our nautical ensign flags for any nationality.

Are your nautical flags UV resistant?

Yes, all of our nautical flags are durable and UV resistant.

Can you make nautical flags to custom sizes?

We can produce our custom nautical flags and ensigns to bespoke sizes, ensuring that the aspect ratio of the ensign flags are maintained.

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