How to Drive Traffic To Your Exhibition Stand

When exhibiting it is important that you drive as much traffic as you can to your stand, often exhibiting can be costly so gaining a good return on investment is a must. Below are a few ideas to consider when planning your exhibition. 


When booking to exhibit at the event the location you choose can have a big impact on your traffic, being in a location that will have naturally higher footfall will help to keep your stand busy. Areas such as the entrance, next to any stages or perhaps refreshments will always be the busiest areas at an event. Being located near one of these or strategically placed between them all should see a natural high footfall you can take advantage of. 

Eye catching design fabric tension display stand

Having already considered the space available to you at the event, you should ensure you maximise the impact of your stand but firstly using all the space available and secondly by creating an eye-catching design. 

Using either a fabric tension display wall, fabric tension display curve or a pop up exhibition stand will provide you with an impactful backdrop to your display.


Before attending the event make sure to tell people you are going, often the organiser will send emails and inform attendees of who is exhibiting on their website and social media pages. However, you can also use your social media pages to inform your followers that you will be there. Many events also adopt a hashtag so make sure you include it in your posts in the running up, during the event and post event to maximise your audience. 

bespoke feather flagsLarge Feather Flag

Many exhibition events include hundreds of exhibitors, often many attempting to sell the same products to attendees. Therefore, it is important to stand out, there is no better way to do so than including an xx large feather flag. Our xx large feather flags stand at 5.3 metres high, we can also create bespoke shaped feather flags to further create an eye-catching statement. 

Before purchasing an xx large feather flag we recommend you check with your event organiser that the venue has no height restrictions. Should you require a small sized flag we have a number of different sizes to match your requirements. 

Backpack flagexhibition backpack flag

Why wait for people to come to you? Tell them about your location and drive traffic to your stand. Backpack flags are a great mobile way to create additional awareness of your exhibition through the venue away from your stand. You can tell people about your stand, hand out leaflets or just walk around and let the flag design catch people's attention. 

Give away

Everyone loves a free giveaway, items don't need to be expensive but if they are helpful and branded with your company's logo they can continue to drive awareness of your brand long after the event has finished. Items such as desk calendars, mobile phone holders for a desk or even just a pen can continue to remind attendees of your brand.

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