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How To Hoist A Flag

Flags can have a couple of different finishes which affect the way that they can be hoisted. The most common finish is a rope and toggle.

Attached to your flagpole should be a halyard rope. This is the rope that will be attached to the flag in order to hoist it up the flagpole. (There will be no halyard on a banner arm flagpole).

Once attached to the halyard, the flag should create a continuous loop with the halyard on the flagpole.


Step 1: Knot either end of the halyard to the top and bottom of the flag. On a flag with a rope and toggle, the toggle is usually on the top of the flag, tie the rope from the bottom of the flag to the other end of the halyard.

**If you are flying the Union Jack flag it is important that your display it the correct way up. When looking at the front of the flag the flag should be facing to the right of the flagpole. In order to tell the correct way up, the thicker white diagonal line should be above the red diagonal line on the side next to the flagpole. **

Step 2: Hoist the flag until it is tight, making sure that the flag is being hoisted the correct way up. Make sure you hold on to both ends of the halyard when you hoist the flag, otherwise the halyard will be pulled out of the flagpole and the flagpole will need to be lowered to reattach the halyard!

Step 3: Tie of the halyard, using the cleat on the flagpole. We suggest tying the halyard by creating a figure of 8 around the cleat.


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