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Introducing Our ECO Range

At House of Flags we are always trying to cut down our wastage and reduce our carbon footprint. Many of our customers also share our environmental goals, looking for more environmentally friendly products and materials. After lots of research and testing we have introduced a range of more environmentally friendly products to support our environmental aims and our customers'.

ECO Knitted Polyester

Our Eco Knitted Polyester is produced with 100% recycled waste. Approximately 2 bottles have been recycled to make every 1m² of fabric. Our Eco Knitted Polyester is also 100% recyclable making it one of the most environmentally friendly display materials currently available.

Eco Knitted Polyester is ideal for using for a wide range of products including flags and banners. We can print vivid colours and crisp designs, making sure your promotional messages and branding stand out. Our Eco Knitted Polyester will provide you with an impressive looking display that is environmentally sustainable. Click here for custom flags







ECO Banner

Our ECO Banners are PVC free, making them fully recyclable. Our ECO banner is equal in strength when compared to our standard PVC, making it durable and effective. When producing our ECO Banner it uses a 50% smaller carbon footprint than our standard PVC. This makes it one of the most environmentally friendly PVC alternatives currently available.

Our PVC free ECO Banner is ideal for companies wanting to become more environmentally sustainable. This material allows you to show off your brand and promotional messages, whilst reducing your carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly.









ECO Hand Waving Flags

Our ECO Hand Waving Flags are made with a fully recyclable paper stick. This makes them ideal for using at large scale events and celebrations, reducing the impact on the environment and the need for one time use plastics.

We can produce our ECO Hand Waving Flags using our ECO Knitted Polyester. This material is made from 100% recycled waste, with approximately 2 bottles used for every square meter of material produced. Using our paper hand waving sticks and our recycled knitted polyester helps you to show off your brand and promotional messages in a more environmentally sustainable way.

Click here for hand waving flags

Stick lengths available

If you have any questions about our products or wish to discuss how we can support your environmental aims, please get in touch. Contact us

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