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All our products are rigorously tested in house to ensure they meet our high expectations, often for months and months at a time.

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Exhibition Flags

Products for every industry

Exhibitions are a place where you want to stand out and get your brand noticed. Here at House of Flags we offer a range of display products that will help your brand to be represented in the right light and stand out against the crowd. We are UKs top supplier of flags and flagpoles and offer the highest quality products at competitive prices with short lead times.

At an exhibition it is vital to display an image that represents your company’s brand. Our bespoke display products, including flags, banners and display stands will help your company grab attention at any exhibition. House of Flags has years of experience supplying top brands with display products. Our range of promotional displays will ensure your exhibition stand will attract customers as well as providing you with an effective exhibit of your company’s identity. Or perhaps you're looking for our feather flags for that eye catching promotional event?

Exhibition Display Products Offered by House of Flags

All of our products are fully bespoke and will be made to meet your exhibitions specific requirements. Our in house advanced printing technology allows us to produce high quality products with short lead times, guaranteeing you a professional fast service. House of Flags can digitally print your exhibition display products, helping you to represent your company, products or services in an eye catching, innovative way.

We offer a wide range of fabric exhibition displays, including our specialised Stretex exhibition display range. These stretch fabric displays are simple and easy to set up as well as being light and easy to transport, helping you to set up you exhibition stand trouble free. Our exhibition fabric displays come in a variety of innovative shapes, such as the wave and the flare, providing you with an attention grabbing exhibition stand which is bound to get you noticed. Our Stretex display range also comes in a variety of sizes as well as shapes, giving you freedom to create an exhibition space suited to your needs.

House of Flags also offers great internal banners which are great for exhibition use. Our roller banner range, including the Y band display, is fully customisable and can be made to a range of sizes, including backdrop banners, creating impressive exhibitions stands. Alongside our roller banners, our pop up exhibition stand is ideal for exhibition displays. Easy to assemble and visually appealing, our pop up display stand is eye catching and professional, helping you to represent your brand in the best light.

Other products that are perfect for exhibition stands include our range of feather flags. Easily portable and fully customisable our feather flags can be used internally and externally, with a range of base options. Our power flags for exhibitions can be cut to custom shapes, providing you with a fun and appealing exhibition stand that suits your brand identity. They are also a great way to display promotional messages and their high quality means that they can be used again and again. Interchangeable flags also allow you to change and update your exhibition messages, whilst also offering you a cost effective and professional method of advertising.

As an exhibition organiser bunting is a great way to improve atmosphere and promote your exhibitions promotional messages. As a leading supplier of bunting, House of Flags produced enough metres of bunting to reach London to Paris and back again in 2016. We have a range of stock bunting that comes in a variety of materials and colours, alongside national bunting. We also offer bespoke bunting which can be used to display your exhibition logo or custom designs. We can also provide bespoke flags, flagpoles and banners for your exhibition centre, designed to meet your specific requirements and give your exhibition space a professional image.

Why Choose House of Flags for your Exhibition Display Products?

House of Flags offers a wide range of products that can be used for exhibition purposes. With years’ of experience and being the UKs leading supplier of flags and flagpoles, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality exhibition products. We strive to meet all of your exhibition requirements and also have a range of innovative fabric displays which are ideal for exhibitions.

Yes, all of our fabric exhibition stands come with interchangeable graphics, including our Stretex stretch fabric display range.

Yes, we are the UKs leading supplier of flagpoles and have a variety that can be used for exhibition centres. Our installation team can also install and maintain your flagpoles.

We have a variety of products that can be used as a backdrop exhibition stand, including fabric exhibition stands, pop up exhibition stands and large roller banners that can be used a backdrop exhibition stands.

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