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Custom Flags Sheffield House of Flags is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of custom flags, flagpoles, banners, bunting and other soft signage displays. Over our 40 years of trading we have produced various flags for start-up to blue chip companies, varying in size and design. We have supplied many Sheffield businesses from football clubs to rugby clubs and including hotels, councils, churches, car dealerships and agencies.

We have provided some of Sheffield’s well know companies with various custom flags products. No matter how big or small your company is we have a solution that is right for you. Our digital printing process allows us to print any design, from simple logo designs to complex photographic and illustrative images. We also produce hand craft sewn/appliqué flags for those who are looking for a traditional style flag. For larger quantities we can supply screen printed flags for a more cost effective approach.

We offer a full onsite installation service for all flagpole installation, whereby we are Safe Contractor Plus certified to make your flag poles are installed safely and correctly.

How will Sheffield custom flags help my business?

All of our custom products especially custom flags can be used to generate awareness, whether it is a simple corporate flag for your business premises or a feather flag in a busy high street or stage back drop. All of our products are designed to help you generate awareness with your own custom marketing message, to help you increase customer engagement for potential clients.

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Sheffield Flags

House Of Flags

Rigorous Testing

All our products are rigorously tested in house to ensure they meet our high expectations, often for months and months at a time.

House Of Flags

Reliable Delivery

We only use the most reliable delivery partners, combined with our fast production turn around we will ensure your delivery is received on time.

House Of Flags

Competitive Prices

Fulfilling thousands of orders a year, we are able to pass these economies of scale savings onto our customers through our competitive pricing


Custom Flags Products

Our custom flags are made to your specifications, from size to finishings and can be supplied on various materials to suit your exact purpose. Our custom flags can be used pretty much anywhere; they have even been to the top of Everest and on the International Space Station. If want expert advice or if you are unsure your dedicated account manager is always there to help you find the right flag for you.

Our custom flags can also be sewn for a traditional finish. This is suitable for one off flags and for those who require quality alongside longevity. Our sewn/appliqué flags are crafted by our team of sewing experts to provide you with the highest quality flag.

If you are looking for excessive quantities then our screen printed flags are the right solution for you. They can have up to eight solid colours printed onto them. Speak to your dedicated account manager today to discuss which option is best suited to you.

National Flags

There are over 200 national flags in the world and it is difficult to find them all in one place, which is why we stock all national flags of the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Our national flags come in various sizes and materials to meet your exact needs. We also have different finishing’s on our national flags to suit your fitting options. We can supply our national flags in sewn/appliqué for those who are looking for a traditional style flag made from the highest quality.


Maintenance Products

Do you have flagpoles currently at your business premises? Or are you having flagpoles installed and want to ensure that they are kept to an optimal condition. Our professional team will be able to clean the flagpoles, replacing any damaged fixing, swap flags over and of course replace any damaged or dirty halyard.

Bunting Flags

Our bunting can be used both internally and externally for any type of promotion, whether you are have a promotion in your store or celebrating an event our custom bunting will help meet your needs. Our custom bunting can be customised in a variety of ways, from the webbing that is used to hang the custom bunting to alternating designs throughout your bunting. We also offer a large variety of stock bunting which includes national flag designs and also sale designs. All stock bunting comes at a standard 10 metre length with 24 pennants to each 10 metre length.


Feather Flags

Custom feather flags are a high impact display style flag, they sit at eye level to generate awareness and captivate your audience. They can also be known as beach or surf flags due to their shape. We can provide our feather flags in three ranges from budget to standard and premium. Therefore, if you are looking for cost effectiveness or longevity we will have the right feather flag to suit your Sheffield business needs. We have a large supply of base options for you to choose from to ensure that your flag can be displayed in most locations.

Why should I choose custom flags Sheffield from House of Flags?

Products for every industry

We have been operating for 40 years and we are one of the UK’s leading custom flag, banner, bunting and soft signage suppliers. We always pride ourselves in our short turnaround times, high quality products and competitive prices. You are provided with your own account manager who is always on hand to provide expert advice and to find the right product for you.

Yes, we offer a full onsite installation service for all our customers to ensure that their flagpoles are installed safely and correctly.

We have very short turnaround times for all of our products and we always strive to meet our customers’ tight deadlines

Depending on the material, size, finishing and quantity will determine the price of our customer flags. We do offer some of the most competitive prices around so you can be assured you will always get a good deal from us.

Yes we provide maintenance contracts for all of your flagpoles. Our flag swapping can be included into your maintenance contract and this will happen every 3 months to ensure that your flags are in optimal condition.

We offer a wash and repair service for those who do not necessarily need to replace their flags in the short term. However, we can only wash and repair flags that we have produce do to other suppliers different manufacturing process

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