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What is the difference between mirror image and double sided flags?

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The advantages of a mirror image flag are that they are more cost-effective and have a fast turnaround time. They are also slightly more durable than double sided flags as the flag consists of only one piece of fabric. Mirror image flags are also referred to as single-sided printing as the ink is allowed to bleed threw to the other side of the fabric. These flags are great for when you are displaying an image that does not need to be read from both sides.





Double sided flags allow you to have two different images on either side of your flag. These are great for flags which have promotional writing or national flags which have writing on them, allowing the writing to be read from either side of the flag. When printing a double sided flag we will use two pieces of fabric and attach a block out fabric in between to prevent anyone being able to see through. All three fabrics will be sewn together by our in house sewing team to create one final flag that looks slightly thicker but displays your design correctly from both sides. This will mean that no matter which way the wind is blowing your design will always be seen in the correct way. Double sided flags are necessary for displaying some national flags which have specific designs. For example the Brazilian national flag has writing within it. In order to display this properly the double sided printing method should be used, so that the flag can be read no matter which side you see.

Both our mirror printed flags and our double sided flags are made to the highest quality. House of Flags has advanced in house printing technology which creates high quality flags. Our in house sewing team are also highly trained and will finish your flags to a high standard, whether they are double sided or mirror image flags.


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