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Our New Printers: Printing 168 football pitches worth of flags and banners a year

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House of Flags has been growing year upon year and has recently invested heavily in our printing and cutting technologies. These investments have helped us to improve our lead times and the quality of our products event further. They have also allowed us to produce more products for our customers.

We have a new textile printer, which prints 100sqm an hour (which is around 876,000sqm a year). This means every hour we can print the height of Big Ben (96m) plus a little extra. This new printer will help shorten our already short lead times, to deliver exceptional flags quicker than anyone else. In a year our new printer would print enough material to fill 122 football pitches.

We have also invested in a new PVC and vinyl printer, which prints 57sqm and hour (which is around 499,320sqm a year). This means that for every hour, we print the height of nearly two Christ the Redeemer statues. This new PVC and vinyl printer has a better colour profile, helping to recreate vivid colour images and designs. In a year this new printer would produce enough banners to fill 46 football pitches.

At the end of last year, we also introduced our team to a new piece of machinery, which is the Zund. This is an automatic cutting machine specifically suited for fabrics. Before our team were very precisely hand trimming flags we produced, now with the new equipment, we can cut more rapidly with greater accuracy. This frees up our team to focus on printing even more fantastic products for our customers.

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