Questions to consider when planning to exhibit at a show


Exhibiting at events and shows is an effective way to generate interest in your products and services. However, knowing which products to choose and how to start planning your exhibition display can be tricky. Our questions below will help you to build your eye-catching display. 

Is your exhibition indoor or outdoor? 

The weather can be an unpredictable element if your display will be outdoors, a custom printed gazebo will provide you protection from the elements whilst giving you an area to showcase your brand. However if your exhibition is indoors, whilst you can still opt for a gazebo a fabric tension walls or curve and even a pop up exhibition display stand can be chosen as your focal point. These options provide a large backdrop to your exhibition providing a large space for you to work with in order to inform passers-by of your product or service. 

How much space do you have? 

Once you have decided on your backdrop or gazebo you can add additional pieces to your exhibition. You will need to make sure there is enough space so not to create a space that looks busy. Fabric tension display counters are a great central point to your exhibition, allowing you to stand and chat with passers whilst showcasing products or brochures. 

What directions are attendees likely to walk past? 

Next roller banners, a fabric tension display waves or a pop out banners provides additional space for you to showcase your message at an alternative angle providing more opportunity for your message to be seen. These products can easily be moved to ensure attendees hand a clear site of your message as they walk around the exhibition. 

Are there any height restrictions?

If there are no height restrictions why not stand out from all those exhibiting with an extra-large feather flag? No matter where you are at the exhibitions attendees will be able to see your message as it towers over the other booths. Or alternatively why not bring people to your booth? Backpack flags are an effective way for people to see your message as staff walk around the venue letting attendees know you are there whilst advertising your message or brand. 

Is your design and message clear throughout your exhibition?

Its important that at a glance passers-by can see the product, service or message your are trying to tell them. Make sure that your message is simple and educates passers-by about the reason you are there. 

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