Radisson Hotel Mayfair Flagpole Installation


Radisson Hotel located on London Mayfair like most hotels had angled flagpoles located on the front of their hotel. However, their dated wooden flagpoles needed replacing in order to bring them in line with the grand image the hotel wished to portray. House of Flags inhouse flagpole installation team and our dedicated Account Managers have installed thousands of flagpoles across many tricky hotels. 

Understanding Requirements 

During the initial discussions an understanding of the location, the existing flagpoles and the requirements of Radisson was gained. This helps our inhouse specialist's to advise customers on which products best suit their requirements. Angled flagpoles come in a range of sizes, materials and at different angles. 

Flagpole Installation Site Survey 

Before any installation a site survey must be completed, this can be done remotely however it can often require one of our flagpole installations experts visiting the site. The purpose of the survey is to ensure that the flagpole installation can be complete smoothly on the day. During the survey a number of factors are reviewed to ensure these are taken into account and planned for prior to our installation team arriving on site. 

Once the survey is complete, the flagpole installation is booked and are issues are planned for. These can include ensuring an appropriate life is available, the hardware and location are compatible and there are no street restrictions that need to be worked through. 

Installation Day

On the day of the installation, our in house team arrived prepared with the knowledge of what was required and that there would not be any difficult issues that could cause distruption to the customers business. The installation went smoothly, the orginal dated wooden flagpoles where removed and replaced with three GRP angled flagpoles and three union jack angled flags. 

If you are considering replacing or adding flagpoles to your hotel or any property, discuss your requirements with our specialist in house team. Find Out More

hotel angled flagpole and flag

Angled flagpole installation

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