Reasons why you should refresh your brand

It is easy not to refresh your brand, however when your brand is tired it can produce a negative image to your customers.Branding If your brand is out of date and inconsistent with your products you customers may start to believe that like your brand you may not care for your products of for your customers. It is therefore important to make sure that your brand is up to date and works well alongside your products or services.

There are many reasons that may lead to you having to refresh your brand. Flourishing businesses have managed to build a brand that is recognisable and suiting of the products and service that they are providing to their customers. However managing a brand to match with your customers brand experience is often forgotten and poorly maintained. Refreshing your brand can help you to create a brand identity which aligns with your products and services whilst matching your customer’s expectations. This can help to boost sales and improve business performance in the long term.

Your brand may be beginning to look outdated. An aged brand may lead to your organisations image suffering. One of the key factors of having a strong brand identity is that your customers are attracted by it; an outdated image may lead to your business being held back and losing valuable customers.

Perhaps you have changed your products or services that you offer. If your brand doesn’t truly reflect the products and service you offer a brand refresh may be very important. As you company and products evolve over time, so should your brand image. A brand identity that reflects your core business will help to build a trusted image in a customer’s mind.

Your brand identity may be inconsistent and not be used coherently throughout your business. Perhaps your logo on your products is different to that shown on your website. Incoherent branding may diminish the perceived quality of your brand and can lead to a fall in customer retention. A brand refresh can help to improve the perceived quality of your brand and lead to better brand loyalty.

​​​​Your brand may not be reaching your target market. As your company has grown and changed, or even if your products have evolved you may experience a market shift. This may mean that your brand may not be attractive to your new target market. It may also mean that you are facing tougher competition and brand is not able to compete. In these situations it is important to review your brand to check that it is still noticeable and working well for the new target market. If it is not then a brand refresh is an important change to make to help your business stand out and get noticed.

If you think your business would benefit from a brand refresh, our inhouse design team are able to help. Having worked with the worlds biggest brands across many sectors, they can ensure your brand resonates with customers.  Find out more about our design services, Click Here

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