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Banners are an ideal form of signage. Here at House of Flags we offer a wide range of banners which are ideal for use as signage for your business. Banners are a versatile signage solution, giving you the freedom to show off your brand and promotional messages in most locations, to any shape, size or style. We offer a range of temporary and permanent banner signs for you to choose from, including wall mounted and free standing banner signs.

If you'd like more information on our whole banner sign range, visit our banner section here.

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

We have a wide range of banner signs styles to choose from, whether you need a portable signage solution or a more permanent sign. All of our banners are made to your bespoke designs, allowing you to promote your unique brand and promotional messages.

We offer a wide range of materials and most of our banner signs can be made to bespoke sizes and shapes, helping your signage to stand out.

Some of our banner sign options include:

PVC Banners:

PVC Banner signs are versatile and can be displayed in most areas. We produce our PVC banners with an eyelet for every meter of material, this allows you to secure your PVC banners securely. PVC banner signs can be made to any size and shape, allowing you to have a large format sign that can be seen by any passer by. Our PVC banner signs are also easy to install and take down, allowing you to move the display location, this makes PVC banners a great signage solution for events and short term signage solutions.

Hanging Banners:

Hanging banners are an ideal signage solution if you need signage for crowded areas. Our hanging banner signs are ideal for internal environments but can also be used as outside signage, hanging of large structures or buildings. We offer our hanging banner signs in a range of different materials, allowing you to choose the most suitable materials for you. Hanging banner signs can be made to any size and can be seen from a long distance, making them ideal for directional signage.

Banner Frames:

We have a wide range of banner frames to choose from, including permanent wall mounted banner frames and portable free standing banner frames. Banner frames are a great signage option, allowing you to clearly display your banner signs in any location. Our free standing banner frames are easy to move and are supplied with pegs to secure them to the ground when displaying on soft ground externally. This makes them an effective signage solution for external events. All of the banner signs are interchangeable, allowing you to update your signage. Our wall mounted banner frames are ideal for fixing to the side of buildings, allowing you to create large scale signage promoting you business and brand. All of the banner signs are interchangeable, allowing you to update you building signs whenever you need to.

Product Sizes

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

All of our banner signs are made to bespoke sizes, allowing you to create signage that suits your exact size and shape requirements. 

Our standard banner sign size is 2m x 1m.

We also offer an range of other banners that can be used as signage. These are all available in a range of different sizes and shapes. For more information take a look at our banner section here.

Product Installation

Installation and maintenance advice for this product

As well as supplying banners we are able to install our banner signage, our team has installed banners all over the UK for a number of different customers. Contact us for more information.

Our installation team are Alcumus Safe Contractor accredited, assuring you that all of our installations are undertaken in a professional manner leaving you with a high quality installation that adheres to all health and safety requirements.

We can install all of our large banner signage, including our wall mounted banner frames, making sure your banner signs are looking their best.

Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Can I have a bespoke size banner frame?

Yes, all of our banner frames are made to bespoke sizes, giving you the freedom to choose the right size banner frame for you. 

What is the most popular banner sign material?

Our most popular banner sign material is PVC, however, we also offer a range of other banner sign materials, including a range of different PVC materials, allowing you to create the best banner sign for you.

Do you offer any temporary banner sign products?

Yes, we have a wide range of permanent and temporary banner sign options. For more information on our range of temporary banner signs take a look at our banner section here.

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