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Get the crowd roaring with our tall and highly visual team flags. Celebrate your team's goal or boost stadium atmosphere and raise support with these giant team flags. Our team flags can also be supplied with a pole and carry case to complete the set.

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Team Flags Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

We have produced team flags for some of our big sport teams, including the likes of Chelsea football club. We have years of experience producing team flags and make sure they are made to the highest standard. We have standard size team flags available but also can produce our team flags to bespoke shapes and sizes, making sure your team is represented in the best way.

Our team flags are large flags that are ideal for being carried or hung, creating an attention grabbing display for your team. The large size of our team flags allow your team's logo to be seen throughout the stadium and helps boost crowd participation and atmosphere.

Our team flags come in a choice of three sizes and are supplied with a carry case and flagpole, ready for you to use at any match.

All of our team flags are available in bespoke sizes with custom designs, allowing you to create a flag that is as unique as your team and stands out against the competition.

Our team flags look impressive when used alongside the likes of our crowd flags and hand waving flags, making sure your team gets the support it deserves during any match. Our range of sport event products are designed specifically to use at major sport matches including football and rugby matches. They help to boost crowd participation and raise support for your team during any match. Our sport match products can be branded with your team brand or your sponsors, making sure that you get the support you need from the crowd.

If you have an event coming up, check out our range of hand waving flags.

Technical Information

Things you may need to know before purchase

Product Materials

The materials used for this product

Our team flags are made out of 115gsm knitted polyester which is our standard flag material, used to produce flags that are for both internal and external usage. This material is used to make 90% of all flags flown in the UK.

We also have a range of other flag materials that would be suitable for our team flags. For more information on our range of materials, please check out our fabric guide here. You can also contact one of our account managers from more information on the materials suitable for our team flags.

Product Sizes

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

Our team flags come in three different sizes:team flag sizes

Small – 1.5m x 1.5m (Only available with a small 2m aluminium pole)

                Fitted with ties and hemmed for the sleeve. (No elastic sleeve)

Medium – 1.7m x 1.7m (Available with our 3 piece Fibre Pole)

                Produced with an elastic sleeve, helping to secure the flag to the pole.

Large – 3.1m x 3.1m (Available with our 3 piece Fibre Pole)

                Produced with an elastic sleeve, helping to secure the flag to the pole.

We can also produce bespoke sized team flags, making sure your brand is represented in the best way and that your team grab attention during any game or match.

Product Transportation

Transportation and Maintenance for this product

Football team flagThe team flag is extremely portable with a carry case provided. Our large and medium sizes are supplied with an elastic sleeve to ensure that they are fastened securely to the flagpole.

The collapsible pole and foldable flag mean that the team flag can easily be transported and stored when not in use.  

For additional support we also have a material strap available to help you carry your flag.

Team Flags FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Why should I buy a team flag?

Our team flags are produced to the highest quality and look great when used at any match or game. Team flags are a great way to boost support for your team and improve the stadium atmosphere at any sport event. Our team flags are extremely popular for football teams and rugby teams, creating a great promotional display during breaks and for celebrations. We offer a range of sizes for our team flags but can also produce bespoke team flags, making them unique to your team and grabbing more attention from the crowd. Our team flags are made from 155gsm Knitted Polyester as standard, ensuring your team flag looks great and is durable. We can also supply the flagpole and carry case for your team flags.

What is your biggest team flag size?

Our largest standard team flag size is 3.1m x 3.1m. However, we can also produce bespoke team flags if you are looking for an even larger team flag to display at your match.

Can you brand my team flags with different designs?

Yes we can use any designs your require for your team flags, no matter how many variations. We can use your team branding or your sponsor logos, no matter what designs or how many designs you need for your team flags we can produce them for you.


Customer Reviews

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