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How can your construction site promote your brand?

When construction is underway at your site, whether it is for new houses, commercial use or public use. It is important to use all options available to you to promote your brand and to advertise the new future properties. Below are areas you should consider when planning your construction site.

What is visible from the road? 

Most building sites are situated off main roads, creating lots of opportunity for your message to be seen as they pass by. One of the biggest promotional tools for building sites is fence scrim or hoarding boards around the outside of their site, running parallel to the road. These options create massive space for branding to be used and for messages to be clearly seen.

construction site hoarding boardsconstruction site heras fence scrimconstruction site heras fence scrim









Another display product commonly used is aluminium flagpoles with portrait flags. These can be installed aluminium showhome flagpolesaround the boundary of your site and provide a strong branding message, especially when matched to your hoarding boards or fence scrim. 

Using a portrait flags enables more surface area for your promotional messages, with most house builders or construction companies opting to display their logos and brand colours. Many of our customers use hundreds and even thousands of flags across their sites per year. To assist them we are able to offer storage and call off facilities for flags and poles, ensuring our customers have the products they need when they need them.

What branding can be used when someone enters your site?

The first thing that someone entering your site should see is your entrance sign, welcoming them to the site and informing them of your development site. Additionally, welcome signs also inform visitors of the layout of the site and what construction is taking place. We are able to supply a number of bespoke signage options in addtion to assisting with the design and installation. Should you have any questions about your requirements we are happy to help. 

Construction building entrance signNew house site entrance signIndustrial estate directional signNew homes entrance site









Directional SignageDirectional signage is a great way to help visitors around your site. We have a number of different fixed and temporary signage options available to suit the ever changing layout of your site. 

For signage that is likely to be fixed and last the length of construction we recommend dibond, this material is hard wearing and long lasting. For signage that is likely to move around as your site develops or is only needed for shorter periods of time, our foamex boards would be a more cost-effective solution. 


Does your site have a marketing suite?

Most new housing sites will have a marketing suite located towards the front of the site, this provides visitors with a place they can go to ask questions. It is important that your marketing suite stands out, matching the branding around your site and communicating your promotional messages. We have installed numerous signage solutions into marketing suites such as fascia signs, custom wallpaper and swing signs

new homes marketing suitenew homes marketing suiteswing sign









For helping promoting your brand in and around your construction site, our experienced team are available to advise Contact us

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