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What is the best flag material?

There are a wide variety of materials that House of Flags uses for manufacturing flags. All of our materials have different qualities making them ideal for different specifications, whether you want a long lasting material which is great for external use, or if you want a more delicate material that provides a prestigious and eye grabbing look.

• 115gsm Knitted Polyester

This is our standard flag material and is great for use internally and externally. This flag is ideal if you want your flag to be a mirror image. With over 90% of all our flags being made from 115gsm knitted polyester we can assure you that this is a very effective flag material and we have a lot of experience using it.

• 115gsm Polymesh

This is a modern fabric which is great for external use. This fabric is permeable meaning that the wind can flow through it, making it 50% more durable that normal knitted polyester. This material is ideal for flag use and is more weather resistant than some other fabrics, due to its permeable feature; this therefore allows the flag to last longer.

• Spun Polyester

Spun polyester provides a more traditional look to your flag. This fabric is long lasting and is 50% more durable than knitted polyester, providing a great looking flag which is durable. This flag material is approved by the Ministry of Defence for use for all of their naval flags.

• Endurance Polyester

A recently developed fabric, endurance polyester is specifically developed to be more durable compared to standard knitted polyester, lasting at least 100% longer. This flag is therefore great for long term use, and can be used to display company logos in an attention grabbing way.

• 210gsm Heavy Knitted Polyester

Heavy knitted polyester is a durable fabric that is ideal for use on double sided flags. This flag material is also great for angled poles as seen down Bond Street and Regent Street in London.

• 235gsm Blockout Polyester

Blockout Polyester is great for ensuring your display is opaque. This ensures that your double sided flag can be seen clearly from both directions. The heavyweight design of this material guarantees that your message is always visible, providing the appearance of hard signage. This material is a durable and reliable way to clearly display your message.

• Metallic Fabrics

Metallic fabrics are a cost-effective material that transforms a sewn flag into a custom made, prestigious product that highlights the opulence of your brand. This material is perfect for high end appliqué flags and is durable.

• 115gsm Satin

Satin is a delicate fabric that can provide a very beautiful finish. As one of the most versatile fabrics used by House of Flags, Satin can create a visually alluring alternative to board and paper displays.

• 250gsm Polycanvas

This fabric adds an organic nature to your flag. The grain of the product adds a more naturalistic base for your design, and the heavyweight material ensures high visibility. This material is ideal if you need a specialist flag such as for historical re-enactment and for museums.




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